The Best Way for Cops to Carry their Cellphone

The Best Way for Cops to Carry their Cellphone

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Oct 29th 2021

Duty Belt Cellphone Holders 

Are you a law enforcement officer and looking for ways to carry your cellphone? If so, then look no further because you’ve found the right guide.

You see, most cellphone holsters on the market are made up of cheap material. They break from wear or their clip cracks if they get caught on the seat belt buckle of your car.

But Turtleback’s holsters are different. They are made of durable, high-quality materials. Plus, they are designed to perfectly match the personalities of law enforcement officers. Let’s see how:

Police Cellphone Case 

Vertical Black Leather Holster for iPhone 13 Pro Max / 12 Pro Max

Interior Dimensions: 6.50 X 3.35 X 0.45 in.

Tired of flimsy cellphone holders? Select this holster because it’s made of durable premium bonded leather. It’s designed to handle your smartphone with care as you place it on your belt.

Abrasions, bumps, and scratches, you name it… Its interior and exterior are designed to keep your smartphone clean and spotless everywhere.

It also comes with a heavy duty rotating belt clip that positions your gadget in any way you want.

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Horizontal Black Leather Pouch for iPhone 11 Pro (2019), XS (2018) & X (2017)

Interior Dimensions: 5.82 X 3.02 X 0.43 in.

The premium bonded leather on this holster is hard enough to protect your phone in case of accidental falls. At the same time, it’s durable enough to make the most bang for your buck!

Using the heavy duty rotating metal belt clip, you can position your gadget in any way you want, which is a handy benefit for police officers.

It’s specially designed to fit the dimensions of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS & iPhone X. Whether you want to wear it at work or rock it with shorts while on a trip, it works with almost every kind of clothes.

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Vertical Black Nylon Holster for Galaxy S20 S21 Ultra

Interior Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.26 x 0.55 in.

A bigger phone needs a bigger and sturdier cell phone belt carrier! That’s why this holster is made with nylon that is reinforced by polymers to make the case dirt and water resistant. It’s designed specifically for the Galaxy S20 S21 Ultra equipped with a slim case (a looser fit for phones without a case).

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The ergonomic design comes with premium neodymium magnets that ensure a secure closure. A sleek and modern look combined with reliable protection makes it a great cellphone holster choice for law enforcement officers.

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Horizontal Black Nylon Holster for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Interior Dimensions: 6.62 X 3.26 X 0.46 in.

This belt holster is especially designed to keep your Note 20 Ultra safe and secure. Like the other mobile holsters in the list, it’s also made of high-quality materials that last a while.

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Basket Weave

For a more formal look, leather holsters can be customized to basketweave to match with the rest of the police gear.

Check out the basket weave options here!

Replacement Belt Clip for Police Officers

This is a great belt loop option meant for police duty belts. It fits the duty belt perfectly and is the biggest clip we have. It’s also adjustable so that you can move it from a normal belt to a tool belt (When you’re working on a DIY project instead of serving America!).

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