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Do you constantly worry about dropping your mobile scanner while at work? Well, worry no more because our Zebra and Motorola scanner holsters are here to protect your device from accidental falls, damages, and even, those annoying scratches.

Our accessory holder line for mobile computer scanners has a heavy-duty exterior that’s designed specifically for tough working environments in mind. So order one for your scanner and be amazed at the durability and ergonomics it has to offer.

Read on to find out why our Zebra scanner holsters are the perfect protective gear for your device.

Superior Design - Patented Removable and Ratcheting Swivel Belt Clip and Loop

Our holsters are better than the competing products for many reasons. The first one being the 2 belt clips.

As a customer-first company, we listen to our customers’ needs. That’s why we’ve developed two clip options for our holsters:

  1. A rotating and ratcheting metal belt clip
  2. A rotating and ratcheting bonded leather belt loop that will fit utility belts: In some other holsters on the market, for example, from e-Holster, if you want to change the position of the holster from horizontal to vertical (and vice versa), you have to remove the holster and then adjust the position. However, our superior ratcheting design allows you to change the position while the holster is still on your belt.

Not only that, but the design of our Turtleback holsters is superior in many other ways. For example, it also includes thick piping sewn around edges for added durability.

The swivel clip systems on our holsters are patented. They use riveted steel construction with a proprietary reinforced backing to eliminate rips and achieve maximum durability.

Secure Bungee Cord and Hook Closure

Never worry about dropping your mobile scanner again because the bungee cord and hook are always there to secure the device. This system is designed in a way to provide extra safety for your device. So rest assured that your device won’t fall.

Also, this bungee cord makes it easy to access the device whenever you need to.

Fits Most Mobile Computers

From barcode scanners to mobile computers, it fits many devices. It’s so versatile that it also fits many standard-sized phone models, so you can use it as a phone holder when you’re not using it to carry your scanner at work. And if you work for UPS, Walmart, or some other big brand, this may be your scanner holster.

Please read the dimensions of each product before buying. This way, you can verify if it fits your device.

High Denier Ballistic Nylon Construction

The high-quality nylon construction of our Zebra Scanner Holster makes sure that your mobile barcode scanner stands the test of heavy-use industrial environments, like warehousing, logistics, construction, and outdoors.

Stylus Holder

We always listen to our customers attentively. That’s why we’ve included an expandable elastic side that snugs a stylus. You can also use our mobile barcode scanner pouch as a pen holder if you like.

Absolute Comfort and Versatility

Our mobile scanner holders are designed with working professionals in mind. That’s why you’ll find unmatched comfort and versatility in each one of our holster cases.

Cut, Sewn and Finished in America

As a specialist in carry-case solutions for mobile devices and equipment, we pride ourselves in making products that add value to our customers’ daily lives.

Our products are used by professionals all across America. FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Walmart are a few companies where our customers work. And they all have been fascinated by the quality of our products. Like them, we are grateful for your patronage and hope to make you a customer for life!