Why the Cell Phone Holster Never Actually Went Out of Style

Why the Cell Phone Holster Never Actually Went Out of Style

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Apr 22nd 2021

In our busy lives, we use our phones to keep up with the world. We carry it everywhere. Whether it’s for work, a night out with friends, or a trip to another country: Our cell phone is always with us, helping us with keeping in touch with our family, friends, and colleagues.

With its importance comes the question of its safety. Is there a way to protect the useful and precious cell phone? Yes, a cell phone holster! It allows you to carry the phone with style and protect it from accidental falls, scratches, and other risks. These, among many other reasons, make it an essential phone accessory.

Usually, your phone fits snugly inside the holster and then, you attach the holster to the belt. With a high-quality holster, your phone will not be at the risk of breaking or its screen shattering if you drop it accidentally. Ask yourself honestly: How often do you drop your phone? Maybe you don’t drop it often, but there’s a fear in your mind that you’ll drop it someday and it will break. A holster gives you peace of mind about your mobile forever.

But it offers more than cell phone protection: it’s a fashion statement.

Cell phone holsters have been around for many years. Since the invention of mobile phones, people started looking for ways to cover their phones as well as show their style. Thus, inspired by gun holsters, cell phone holsters were born.

Today, we’ll discuss why the cell phone holster never actually went out of style.

Ready? Let get to it…

Top Reasons Why People Love Cell Phone Holsters

A Superior Way To Carry The Phone

Let’s be honest here. It is a superior way for the average pant-wearing individual to carry their phone.

Are you tired of bulging pockets? It’s your phone and wallet that are covering most of the space in your pocket. The typical velcro wallet can be replaced with a slim front pocket wallet, and the phone can be carried with a holster. That’s it. The problem with bulky pockets is solved.

And there are some times when your pants and jacket pockets are not big enough to carry your phone. Again, the cell phone holster to the rescue.

The people who carry a holster are used to drawing their phones like a boss. They’ll never carry them in their pockets because they know that using a holster is a lot quicker than fishing around in their pocket, especially when sitting.

Your Phone Is Always Safe

It’s common for people to drop their phones. But ask a person who carries it in the holster. They never have to worry about it.

Some people have a habit of putting the phone in their back pocket. This increase the chances of them sitting on their phone. But when it is in a holster, it is always safe.

It’s A Fashion Statement

Holsters have a slight resemblance to fanny packs which are style statements for many people. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Bateman, Dwayne Johnson, and Mathew McConaughey love fanny packs. Holsters offer the style of fanny packs with the added comfort and safety for your phone.

People who were using holsters in the 90s are still using them. They know its practicality and style. We all know a cool uncle who carries their phone in their holster.

What’s a stylish way to carry your phone when wearing shorts? Using a holster.

It’s like a modern-day upgrade for the revolver. During the Old West days, people used to carry guns. And they used gun holsters to protect them. The guy who was carrying his gun in a holster was considered the most stylish. (Imagine Clint Eastwood in a Western movie.)

Nowadays, we don’t use guns to sort out agreements. But we have cell phones that keep us safe, resolve disagreements, and show that we’re on the cusp of technology.

You Won’t Lose Your Phone

People who put their mobile in their pockets are more likely to take it out and leave it somewhere. For example, working out in the gym, doing adventurous things like rock climbing, or working in the attic. Some people are not comfortable with phones in their pockets while sitting on a couch. A holster becomes the ideal accessory in all these situations.

It’s The Obvious Solution To Carrying Your Phone

It offers more comfort than the pocket.

It saves the phone in different situations.

It helps when you’re working in the attic, repairing a ceiling fan, and more.

It’s functional. Whenever you want to access your phone, it will be right on your belt. It will let you reach your phone just after the first ring. A fact to consider if you get important business calls that need to be answered right away.

So whether you’re a blue-collar professional or a work-from-home parent, a cell phone holster is equally beneficial for you.

Turtleback Brings The Most Convenient And Customizable Holsters For You

The ergonomic design of our holsters allows for easy retrieval and slide of phones. Our holsters are made of tough bonded leather and feature Rare Earth magnets to keep your phone intact. We are a US-based family business and cut, sew and finish our products with foreign and domestic materials in our facilities in the US.

It’s time to shine with your uber-modern cell phone holster while keeping your phone safe. Join this modern trend and be the most styling person in your circle.

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