Top 7 Reasons To Carry Turtleback's Front Pocket Wallets

Top 7 Reasons To Carry Turtleback's Front Pocket Wallets

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Dec 18th 2020

Wallets are one of the essential accessories a person can carry.

A few years back, they were used only for securing our cash, identification cards, and other handy essential items.

Now, people associate them with style as well.

Wait! You might be getting flashbacks of a velcro wallet. Yes, we know you loved them and rocked the hell out of them.

But it’s time to move on!

The front pocket wallet is the future!


That’s what we are going to discuss in this post!

Why You Should Carry A Turtleback's Front Pocket Wallet?

1. Our front pocket wallets are more comfortable than any other bifold or trifold wallet on the market. Think to yourself: Do you want to carry a beast in your back pocket that will make you uncomfortable every time you sit down? Or do you want a slim and smart wallet that rests in your front pocket quietly? A slim wallet is an obvious choice because it will carry the bare essentials for you instead of being jammed packed with all sorts of useless gift and membership cards.

2. Your credit cards will last much longer in our front pocket wallet since you are not sitting on your wallet and in effect crushing everything in it. Having your credit cards replaced regularly is trouble, but fortunately, Turtleback’s wallets keep your cards like new until they expire.

3. You won’t keep thinking about someone stealing your wallet from your back pocket the next time you are in a subway or a shopping mall. If someone tries to put hands on your front pocket, you’ll know immediately.

4. All of our wallets are lined with tested RFID-blocking metallic nylon, so you won’t have to worry about electronic pickpocketing. RFID technology prevents skimming attacks against contactless credit cards. (Skimming attack is a type of identity theft that involves someone getting your name and credit card number with a simple electronic reader.)

5. Our front pocket wallets won’t ruin your jeans. The designs of these wallets do not put any weight on the fabrics of your jeans. So they will not experience the same wear and tear as the traditional setup with a back pocket wallet.

6. All of our wallets fit better in your pocket. Let’s be honest here for a second: a 2-inch thick wallet coming out of your back pocket is not a pleasant sight. And one more thing: Do you really use all the extra membership and gift cards in your wallet all that much? Probably not. So why not get a minimalist wallet that will just have the bare essentials you need to get through the day? That’s why we have designed our wallets to be slim so no one will notice when you are carrying one unless you pull it out (which will be your signature style statement).

7. Turtleback’s front pocket wallets are built to last. They are made with the highest quality cow-hide leather. Each wallet has been carefully sewn in the USA by professionals who take pride in producing the best quality wallets around.

Turtleback’s front pocket wallets are the way to go!

It’s time to shine with your uber-modern front pocket wallet while keeping your cash and identity credentials secure!

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