The Best Way For A Man To Carry His Cell Phone

The Best Way For A Man To Carry His Cell Phone

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Sep 7th 2021

Mostly, women complain that their clothes don’t have enough space to carry their phones. But men are not behind either.

Even though men’s clothing offers enough pocket space to carry a phone, men still face trouble holding and protecting their phones comfortably and securely in those pockets. 

Both Front And Back Pockets Fail When It Comes To Practicality

If we talk about carrying a phone in the front pocket, it can jam into your leg or slip out of a loose pocket when you sit down, bend over, or recline.

Alternatively, some men carry their phones in the back pocket which becomes an easy target for pickpockets.

To be comfortable, you may put your phone out of your pocket each time you sit down. But you may not always remember to put it back. That could lead to wasting time finding it, missing important calls, or even, losing your phone completely.

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There are also some men’s pants that don’t offer pockets. So you’ll be left with carrying it in your hand. Not the solution you were looking for! But hey, there’s another option:

Practicality, Safety, And The Ruggedness A Man Would Love!

The magic accessory you are looking for is the Turtleback Holster. Our holsters are designed especially for men: Made from rugged material to give it a look and feel a man would love!

Your phone is snug inside the holster, so no matter if you are sitting down, walking, or bending over, it will feel comfortable.

Plus, it will be safe from all sorts of things. For starters, no pickpockets can steal your phone because they will have to pull the whole thing out of your belt (An invitation to get their teeth knocked out while trying!)

Normally, when the phone slips out of your pocket, there is a high chance its screen will break. But if you hood it with our holster, it will be safe from accidental falls.

A heavy-duty metal clip allows you to attach the phone to your side, so you can pick up calls immediately. Plus, it’s extremely stylish!

So no matter what you do in life, it’s the most practical way for you to carry your cell phone!

Shop holsters according to your phone’s model now!