What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Phone

What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Phone

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Aug 23rd 2021

The level of frustration is unmatched when you lose your phone. Our phones are such a big part of our life that we can’t imagine a stranger having access to it even for a minute.

Learn what you can do immediately when you lose your phone!

Steps to Follow If You Want to Find a Lost Phone

1. Call Your Phone

This is the easiest way to find a cellphone. Ask someone you know to call your number. The best part about this method is that your phone doesn’t need to be a smartphone (unlike some other methods in this article).

Alternatively, you can use a free website service like to dial your number from a computer.

2. Text Your Cell Phone

Have someone text your phone with details on how to reach you. This can be useful if the person who has found your mobile is afraid to pick your call but is willing to return the phone.

Again, you can use text messaging websites like if you don’t have access to another phone.

Pro Tip: You can put a reward on returning your phone. This may convince someone who finds your cell phone to contact you and arrange a meeting.

3. Use Your Phone’s Built-In Find My Phone Feature

Many phones come with built-in security measures that allow you to track, ring, lock, or erase data remotely. However, the major requirement is that you should’ve already enabled this feature.

On a Samsung device, the feature is called Find My Mobile. On Google Pixel, Find My Device. And on an iPhone, you'll use the Find My app.

These resources will help you out further:

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4. Remotely Erase The Data From Your Phone

It’s data, not money, that gives people nightmares when they lose their phones. So if you think your phone can get into the wrong hands, consider remotely deleting its data. However, make the decision as early as possible because pro thieves may remove SIM cards, making it impossible for you to wipe the device.

If you are an Android user, visit and sign in to remotely erase your device.

If you are an iPhone, visit and use the Find My iPhone feature to erase the data on your phone.

5. Lock Your Phone & Change Passwords

Use your phone's find my phone feature to remotely lock your phone from any location. Similarly, you should change the passwords of the accounts that were logged in on your phone.

6. Contact Your Mobile Carrier

If the above methods don’t work, contact the carrier for your consumer cellular plan. They can disable service to your phone, and can typically mark the phone itself as unusable even with a new SIM card or a new carrier.

7. Alert The Police

When nothing is working out, just alert the police. Even if you don’t get your phone back, you won’t get into trouble if someone does illegal things using your phone.

Preventing Future Losses

Know Your Phone’s Serial Number

Whether it’s called an IMEI, MEID, or ESN, every phone has an electronic serial number. Locate it somewhere on your phone (most probably, it’s under your battery) and note it down. It will help when you contact the police or your wireless service provider.

Have a Designated Place for Everything

If you have a habit of leaving things in particular places, it can help you know where to look next time.

Protect Your Phone In A Holster

Whether you are at work or just roaming around at home or outside, the best place to keep your phone is in a holster.

It’s like a designated pocket that you can check each time you get up to leave. Plus, it will protect your phone from dirt, dust, and most importantly, accidental falls.

We haven’t come across a perfect method that prevents losing a phone. But if you cover it with a holster, you have far more chances of not losing it as compared to if you keep it in your pants pockets.

Shop holsters according to your phone’s model now!