The Best DuraXV LTE Fitted Case

The Best DuraXV LTE Fitted Case

Published by Carly on Dec 28th 2017

The DuraVX LTE, the latest version of the beloved rugged flip phone device from Kyocera, now with LTE, was released in late 2017. If you are in the market for a flip phone that can do the basics and a little more (like surf the web, HD voice calls, and take some decent pictures), then the DuraXV LTE is a great choice for you. We’ve got the perfect cases for this flip phone, and they are new, improved, and better than ever, just like the new DuraXV LTE.

So, why are our fitted cases for the DuraXV LTE the best?

Made in the USA

Just like all of our products, these fitted cases are designed and manufactured entirely in the United States of America. This means that you can be assured that you are receiving a quality, long lasting product! However, if you have any hesitation left, you can rest easy with our 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Leather and Nylon

We have a selection of fitted cases to choose from for your DuraXV LTE, which is composed of cases constructed with either premium bonded leather or water and dirt resistant nylon. We have the perfect case for you!

Metal and Plastic Clips

Each of our fitted cases for the DuraXV LTE clips directly on to your belt, so that you never lose your device. Another selection option is the type of clip that comes with your fitted case; we offer flexible plastic or heavy duty metal. Both types of clips are rotating and removable for ease of usage, no matter what.

Protects and Repels

The fitted cases, though constructed with leather or nylon, cover the keyboard and screen with repelling plastic. This means that the most vulnerable parts of your flip phone are protected against dirt, dust and water.

Ergonomic Design

These cases for the DuraXV LTE each feature a truly ergonomic design for functionality and ease of use. Your case will compliment your lifestyle and keep your phone safe!

Easy Installation

When you receive your new fitted case in the mail, putting the case on your flip phone is literally a “snap” thanks to our easy installation design. Similarly, thanks to the snaps, it is simple to remove your phone from the case at any time. Yet, we have designed each case with cut outs for all ports and buttons, so you will never have to take your case off!

Our selection of fitted cases for the DuraXV LTE are durable, valuable accessories for your newest flip phone device. As our gift to you, you will receive free shipping in the U.S. for any fitted case that you choose!