​Why We Only Manufacture in the U.S.

​Why We Only Manufacture in the U.S.

Published by Kenno on Jan 19th 2017

“Turtleback manufactures every product in the United States? ...Wow."

This is a response that I often hear when talking to people about our company. U.S. manufacturing is integral to the very fibers of Turtleback. We could not be any more proud that each of our products sports the “Made in the USA” logo. So, why do we only manufacture in the U.S.?

General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, Ford Motors, (and even rumors of Apple) are just a few of the mega-companies moving manufacturing to the U.S. in recent months. Obviously, these companies have caught on to the many benefits that can be found in U.S. manufacturing; benefits for the company, but also, for the customer. As a family-owned company, Turtleback has been manufacturing only in the U.S. since it’s founding in 2001. We chose this not-so-easy route of production because we saw the benefits, which we continue to see today.


We cannot say this enough: Product quality is everything (one of the reasons that all of our products come with a 100% Satisfaction 90-Day Guarantee). We have not only heard this, but we have seen first hand that, often times, when a product is manufactured overseas, quality can suffer. Our customers are far too important to us, so a quality product is a must.


Without consistency in manufacturing and production, you won’t find a quality product. We have tested off shore manufacturing waters and we found that consistency was never a guarantee. We want to produce the same, quality product with premium materials for our customers every time, and that is exactly what we have been able to do with our manufacturing team in the United States.

Speedier Processing

When we get a call, email, or tweet from a customer with an idea about a product that we do not currently carry, our minds instantly start churning. With help from our in-house design team and local manufacturers, we can create a brand new product in a fraction of the time it would take if we were outsourcing. This is important to us because it means we can get a product that the customer needs into their hands, sooner.

Support to the Economy

Employing individuals in the United States boosts the economy, clearly. But, this means a lot more to us than just an economy boost and job creation. We love knowing the people that are designing, manufacturing, and assembling our products. The people we work with are family and we could not be more thankful for them.

Turtleback products are made in Sylmar, California. I’ve been here since the beginning, in 2001, and we have been manufacturing in the U.S. since day one. With the recent news of many massive companies investing heavily in U.S. manufacturing, I've been thinking about what it actually means for my office to share its walls with our production facility. When we started our business, we took a risk and chose to stay on U.S. soil, at a time when offshoring was all the rage. Yet, American manufacturing is part of who we are. It is in the very fibers of our being as a company. For every product, we hear the customer’s feedback and we work directly with our in-house team to create something of quality. Because of this, during the last 16 years, we’ve not only stayed afloat, but we’ve succeeded at being “American Made”, thanks to our loyal customers.

Do you love products that are made in the USA? Is there an American manufacturer who inspires you? Or are you an American manufacture? If so, I’d love to hear from you, drop me a note at