The Anatomy Of the Turtleback Case Belt Clip System

The Anatomy Of the Turtleback Case Belt Clip System

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Mar 17th 2022

Why Turtleback Case Belt Clip System Is One Of a Kind

Our Patented Belt Clip System is different from any other belt clip cell phone holster system you've ever seen! That might seem like a bold statement, but after looking at its anatomy, you’ll know why we say it’s the best!

The Anatomy Of Our Belt Clip System

There really isn't any type of belt clip system like it out there. Why? Well, for starters, it comes with what we call the 4 R's: Ratcheting, Removable, Rotating, and Replaceable.

These 4 R’s are related to the working of the belt clip on phone case. You simply rotate the clip 180 degrees and then slide it out from the top of the holster. When you're ready to put another clip on it, you slide the clip case back in upside down and rotate it into position.

The unique ratcheting design ensures that it does not rotate on its own; You have to apply force to rotate the clip and remove or reattach it. Unlike some other belt systems, this makes sure that your cellphone holster will never fall down. The system also works great with both Android and iPhone belt holders!

Instead of screws, the system has metal rivets so that the clip stays intact for years to come!

Our case with clip system is versatile as well. It allows you to keep a clip on different belts and swiftly attach your holster to whichever belt you're wearing that day. So if you’re wondering how to carry phone without pockets, check out one of our 5 types of clips!

5 Different Types Of Clips In Our System

1. The standard size metal belt clip

This is a heavy-duty option that comes in two sizes: 1.75-inch and 2.25-inch. Even though it’s heavy-duty, it’s also very comfortable to wear on the belt so that you won’t even notice it on.

2. Leather belt loop

This sleek option completely encircles the belt. It’s great at protection because it must feed the belt through so that there’s no way to get it off without undoing your belt.

3. Plastic clip made exclusively for flip phone fitted cases

This plastic clip is perfect for those who need an easy-to-use, less bulky option. It has two parts: the full circle pad and the clip. You slide the clip through the tab until it locks into place. To remove the clip, press the button on the top and slide the clip off. As simple as that.

4. 1.75-inch metal J clip

This clip cuffs itself at the bottom of the belt preventing the case from slipping off your belt. Have a bigger belt? We have you covered with the 2.25-inch version!

5. Velcro belt loop

Want a clip that fits your duty belt? Try our biggest clip yet! It’s also adjustable so that you can move it from a normal belt to a tool belt. If you work in the maintenance or other services industry, this loop will work the best for you.

American-Sewn Craftsmanship

Over the last 20 years, we have developed American cut & sew manufacturing with foriegn and domestic materials and ergonomically designed belt clip systems. All our products are made from high-quality materials so that they hold up for years to come. We offer you the perfect balance between functionality and style. So no matter if you’re looking for an Android or iPhone belt holster, shop with confidence!