The Best Belt Clip System in 2021

The Best Belt Clip System in 2021

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Jul 16th 2021

Marketplaces like Amazon have made it super easy for solopreneurs to start brands, with no prior knowledge or experience, in niches like holsters and cases and ship products directly from China. Do their products work? Maybe. Are they the best ones around? Heck no!

Each industry has just one best. Someone who knows what they are talking about. Someone who has shown results. Someone who has stood the test of time.

Here, we are presenting the best belt clip system! The entire system includes the various compatible clips with the metal notch or 'posts' that we put on the back of our standard holsters. Let’s explore each clip in the system.

5. Velcro belt loop

As an American manufacturer, Turtleback is known for producing robust belt clip systems. We offer you the perfect balance between functionality and style.

This velcro belt loop fits a duty belt and is the biggest clip we have. It’s also adjustable so that you can move it from a normal belt to a tool belt. If you work in the maintenance or other services industry, this loop will work the best for you. As it is made from high-quality materials, it would hold up for years to come.

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4. 1.75-inch metal J clip

This J Metal Belt Clip can be slid onto the belt but will cuff itself at the bottom of the belt preventing the case from slipping off your belt. It is made from durable materials so that it lasts you a while.

It fits 1.75 inches wide belts. Have a bigger belt? Then don’t forget to check out the 2.25-inch version!

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3. Plastic clip made exclusively for flip phone fitted cases

Looking for an easy-to-use, less bulky option? This plastic clip is perfect for those who do not need a heavy-duty option.

Its working is fairly simple. It has two parts: the full circle pad and the clip. You slide the clip through the tab until it locks into place. To remove the clip, press the button on the top and slide the clip off. As simple as that.

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2. Leather belt loop

It completely encircles the belt. It must feed the belt through but it's very sleek at the same time and will protect the best because there's no way to get it off without undoing your belt. It’s also very comfortable to wear on the belt so that you won’t even notice it on.

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1. The standard size metal belt clip

Hands down, this is the best belt clip in the best belt clip system you can find in a store, both online and offline. It’s a heavy-duty option that slides onto the belt. There are two sizes to choose from: 1.75-inch and 2.25-inch.

If you've ever had a phone holster that gets snagged getting out of the car and the clip comes apart, then this is the clip and holster system for you!

Great news! This metal belt clip comes free with almost every holster purchase.

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