Blue-Collar Jobs That Are Recession-Proof

Blue-Collar Jobs That Are Recession-Proof

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Jan 25th 2021

The pandemic has caused a lot of distress. It has forced many people to go out of jobs. But some people didn’t stop working even though the economy was going down. Societies need these workers to continue working even if other parts of the economy slow down.

These three factors should be considered when determining if a job is recession-proof or not:

  1. How much this job is required for the proper functioning of our society?
  2. Do people need these workers in a state of emergency?
  3. Does this job require specialized training and experience?

Keeping these factors in mind, let’s discuss a few blue-collar jobs that are recession-proof:

  1. Blue-Collar Jobs

Police officers

It’s hard to predict the exact relationship between crime and the economy. But unfortunately, one thing is certain: a downfall in the economy doesn’t completely vanish crime. So to function as a safe society, we need police officers.

People have to be protected at all costs, so governments can’t risk firing any police officers. They might not hire more officers, but the already-recruited should be rest assured that they’ll continue working.


We need firefighters for the safety of our lives and properties. They protect us from uncalled-for fire, accidents, and other emergencies. And these emergencies happen all the time. So like police officers, governments can’t risk firing these skilled professionals.

Public Utilities

People who provide us basic utilities such as electricity, water, sewage and waste management, and recycling services are very important. They survive economic downturns because of the importance of their services. Not only that, but the consultancy firms related to these services survive as well.

Healthcare Workers

To maintain public health, blue-collar workers related to healthcare are essential. People need them to maintain a healthy society. Medical workers like medical sonographer, paramedics, and nurses are risking their lives for others during times like these, so it would be very dumb of health care providers to fire them.


People need plumbers to install new bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. When the state of the economy is not that great, people might not install new sanitary equipment. But these skilled workers are surely required to fix any problems in sanitation systems and heating systems. So they will keep working even if others close their shops.

Public Transit Workers

Blue-collar workers like conductors, drivers, ticket personnel, and maintenance staff are necessary to keep the system running. So they are less affected by the state of the economy.

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