Turtleback Plastic Hand Held Clip ONLY COMPATIBLE with the Virtually Unbreakable Plastic Balastec Holster for Sonim Products Swivel

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*Only compatible with Turtleback Balastec Plastic case View full description


Workers who use the Sonim Xp3, Xp5, and Xp8 as a tool for consistent scanning throughout your day as logistics workers, delivery drivers, asset tracking managers, retail and inventory tracking and event ticketing work can make their job even easier and more convenient with the Sonim Scanner Handheld Adjustable Strap. This strap connects to any Balastec Unbreakable Carrying Case for the Sonim Xp3, Xp5, and Xp8. Easily use your Sonim device to scan up to 45 barcodes per minute and switch out your clip and strap to carry you phone on your belt and quickly switch to hand when scanning. The Balastec holster paired with the handheld strap from Turtleback is the best scanner holder combo available. It is a heavy-duty and durable solution to using Sonim's barcode scanning technology without any struggle.

Never drop your Sonim phone again with our Turtleback Handheld strap. The strap is ONLY compatible with Turtleback Balastec Plastic holsters. It features padding on the inner loop for a comfortable and ergonomic design. The Handheld strap attachment is makes one-handed use of your device very secure. It is perfect for people working warehouse, operations, oil & gas and other active jobs.

  • *Only compatible with Turtleback Balastec Plastic case

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