iPhone 14 13 12 Pro Max/Plus (Max & Plus models only), Black Leather Pouch, Vertical Belt Holster With Executive Belt Clip

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Leather with Rotating Belt Clip Nylon with Rotating Belt Clip Leather with Executive Belt Clip

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Product Description

If you're an owner of a Apple iPhone 12/13 Pro Max, you can keep your gadget safe and secure with the Turtleback Leather Holster Case. This holster is systematically engineered to hold bare Apple iPhone 12/13 Pro Max phones or those equipped with a slim case. This product is specifically designed for this unit, and it provides optimal benefits exclusive to the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max .

Made in Sylmar, California, the Turtleback Leather Holster Case has interior dimensions of 6.50 X 3.35 X 0.45 in. Aside from its custom fitting, this innovative, tough holster also boasts numerous benefits, making it perfect for this mobile phone. It is made with leather that is reinforced by polymers to make the case dirt and water resistant. This water- and scratch-resistant leather is bonded to a polymer backing. The polymer backing serves a purpose, as it makes the case more durable. This case exudes a minimalist, subtle beauty that meshes well with most bags and apparel, and its interior is lined with soft felt fabric to protect the phone's screen.

This holster case features an ergonomic design, with premium neodymium magnets that ensure a secure closure. The magnets are hidden inside the case's flap and lock quickly and efficiently every time you fold the case. This closure style guarantees quick access to your phone, meaning that it will always be ready to use and accessible at your hips. Also, the case has a side cut-outs that allows the phone to be pulled more conveniently from the holster. The magnet style boasts excellent functionality and security, always keeping your phone safe by your side.

Stop wasting time searching for your mobile phone in your bag with this ergonomic belt clip case. It’s magnetic closure system keeps your phone in place at your hip where it's easily accessible. It uses rare-earth neodymium magnets for optimum security. No matter what activity you're doing, this Turtleback Case stays in place, and so does your smartphone. All of our cases are designed and manufactured in the USA and we provide a 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

  • Interior Dimensions: 6.50 X 3.35 X 0.45 in
  • Fits Apple iPhone 12/13 Pro Max with Slim Cases
  • Premium bonded leather
  • Classic Black leather wrapped flush belt clip
  • The Interior Soft felt fabric protects screen
  • Easy release rare-earth neodymium magnetic closure system
  • Ergonomic design for the perfect fit
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Made in Sylmar California USA

Product Fitment

Interior Dimensions: 6.50 X 3.35 X 0.45 in

Extra Information

Belt Clip:
Flush Belt Clip
Case Shape:
Phone Model:
12/13 Pro Max/Plus
Interior Dimensions:
6.50 X 3.35 X 0.45 in