​iOS 12: Everything You Need to Know

​iOS 12: Everything You Need to Know

Published by Carly on Mar 8th 2018

iOS 12: Everything You Need to Know

The latest Apple software update is coming, but when will it be released and what will it be like? This much anticipated release is fast approaching. Here is everything you need to know about current rumors for iOS 12!

Release Date

We can anticipate a summer announcement regarding iOS 12, and it will likely be released in beta version shortly after. A consumer release can be expected in September.


If you haven’t noticed, Apple has run into some issues with it’s most recent software releases. For this reason, Apple is rumored to have gone back to the drawing board regarding their plan for software releases. Rather than setting unattainable goals, Apple is going to slow the pace and push some of the previously expected software features to come later. A reputation of reliability is what is important to Apple right now, rather than simply leading the curve of innovation. This means that consumers can expect for user experience (and, hopefully, less bugs) to be at the forefront of the iOS 12 release.


There are many iPhone upgrades expected to come with the release of iOS 12. A home screen re-design has been highly anticipated, though now many wonder if that will be pushed to the iOS 13 release.

An exciting rumored upgrade of iOS 12 is the ability to use iOS apps on Macs like, for example, the Home app. This would be a particularly convenient update for many Apple users.

If you’re a fan of Animojis, then you are in luck. iOS 12 is rumored to bring more Animoji options and features, include Animojis in Facetime.

Supposedly the health app will soon be able to show parents the amount of time children have spent using iOS-based devices, following this new update.

More anticipated updates are expected for the stocks app, do not disturb feature, and to Siri’s functionability in the iPhone search function.

iOS 13

We are anxiously awaiting the iOS 13 release, even more than the iOS 12 release, now that we suspect Apple is pushing many innovative releases off until then. Something to look forward to is a re-designed home screen, new photos app, and a camera revamp. For all that, it looks like we’ll have to wait until at least 2019.

Rumored Concept Photos

There are several rumored iOS concept photos floating around that we are not sure will be revealed through iOS 12 or later. Either way, hopefully these exciting features will be coming soon.

Some of the updates seen in these concept photos include:

  • A sound bar, which would allow you to control iPhone sound without physical buttons.
  • Multiple timers that can be set at once within the clock app.
  • A re-design to the lock screen.
  • The capability to lock individual apps, accessible by password, touch ID, or face ID.
  • Dual app usage on screen at one time.
  • Facetime revamps that would allow you to chat with up to four people at one time.
  • A side app bar for quick access to your favorite apps.

We can keep our fingers crossed that these features will arrive with the iOS 12 release.

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