Henney's Genuine Leather Dog Collar, Solid Brass Hardware, Brown - USA Assembled



Why Henney's makes the best leather dog collar?

We look at products the same way we look at choosing healthy, wholesome food - less is more. When it comes to our collars, we found that a simple design will accomplish everything an experienced dog owner could need if paired with top quality materials and processes. Our materials consist of double-stitched sew lines using high density thread, BRASS hardware, and thick leather cut from quality cow hides. Each leash is proudly assembled in the USA with global materials. We back our products with a 90-day guarantee and a 1-year warranty.  


  • Material: cow hide Leather
  • Construction: Box Stitching combined with brass riveting for maximum durability
  • Hardware: Solid Brass that will develop a beautiful patina with use (no pitting/rust common with nickel plated and brass plated hardware)


Sizes are based on neck size

  • Small - 14.4" - 17.4"
  • Medium - 15.75" - 18.75"
  • Large - 17.25" - 20.5"
  • Extra Large - 19.25" - 22.15"

Why are leather dog collars the best?

Have you noticed how many additional features are necessary to make nylon collars livable? Padded linings to prevent pressure points, cotton linings to minimize rugburn, etc. - None of these "features" are necessary for a leather dog leash. The leather is an organic material that naturally softens and gains a patina with use. Rugburn is much less common with leather, the collar will mold to your dog's neck and the natural elasticity will minimize whiplash - something your pup will greatly appreciate.