​Why You Need This Holster for Your Sonim XP8

​Why You Need This Holster for Your Sonim XP8

Published by Carly on May 28th 2019

The ultimately rugged smartphone, Sonim XP8, provides reliable communication throughout your daily grind. However, your device is only as good as the holster holding it. Our premium holster case for the Sonim XP8, as well as the XP8 C1D2 IS, and other Sonim XP devices, are the best on the market. Here are the reasons why you need a Turtleback holster for your Sonim XP8!

Custom Fit

All of our holsters are custom designed, which means that our holster fits the Sonim XP8 perfectly for a tight, snug hold. Also, since it was designed specifically for the XP8, every feature of the holster was imagined and executed with convenience for the consumer as our top priority.

Premium Materials

Only the highest quality of materials are used in the manufacturing of our holsters. The Sonim XP8 holsters are available in nylon or leather. Both of these premium materials protect your device from dirt, dust, water and anything else that might come against your XP8 each day. Our nylon and leather are durable, tough materials that can stand up against the elements to provide the ultimate protection for your smart device. Similarly, the inside of each holster is lined with ultra-soft felt, which will protect your XP8 from scratches while it sits inside of the case.

Belt Clip

What’s a holster without a belt clip? The belt clip on our holsters stands out from the rest. Each of our holsters features a rotating belt clip, with a 180-degree swivel. Your Sonim XP8 holster will come with either a metal or leather clip, each a heavy-duty option to keep your holster on your belt and your device close-by.

Secure Design

Our intentionally ergonomically designed holster cases were created to keep your Sonim XP8 in place, while allowing every feature of the device to be available to you when needed. Our holsters have various cut outs which allow for easy access to the charging port, buttons and speakers while the holster is in use. Similarly, we know that you might be using the holster with gloves, so we have made every aspect of the holster an easy to access design. In the design process, it was important to that the XP8 be held securely in place while it is inside of the holster. For this reason, we included Neodymium Magnets to keep the device securely inside of the holster’s pouch.

Quality in Mind

Our holsters are designed and manufactured in the United States with quality at the core of our values. As an American manufacturer and a family owned business, the needs of the consumer are always at the forefront of our manufacturing. We care about quality and convenience, so you can rest assured that you are receiving a premium holster for your device.


One of the best parts about our Sonim XP8 holster is that it comes with a 100% satisfaction 90-guarantee. If you are not complete satisfied with your holster, you may return it within 90 days for a full refund. There is literally no risk in trying our premium holster for your XP8 because we know you will love it.

If you have not already, check out our selection of holsters for Sonim devices, including the XP8! If you have any question, let us help! Interested in a wholesale order? Reach out, here