Why Tait Communication's Portable Radios are the Best in the Business

Why Tait Communication's Portable Radios are the Best in the Business

Published by Cynthia Marshall on Jan 8th 2020

Tait TP 9400 and 9300 Portable Radios

Whether you're a first responder helping to keep communities safe from natural disasters and emergencies or you work within the transport and mining or oil and gas sectors, two-way radio is the most important form of communication amongst your team.

The brave and hard working people who dedicate their lives to these professions know that the efficiency and durability of their radio can literally mean life or death in many instances. This is why it is absolutely necessary to have the top-grade, industry standard radio for day to day use. At Turtleback, we know that Tait Communications has developed that radio.

The TP9400 (P25) Handheld Radio and the TP9300 (DMR) Handheld Radio both have incredible features that make them the top products on the market, including:

1. Military Standard Toughness

These radios have been put to the test to ensure that they go above and beyond military grade standards. They are frozen, drowned, baked, shaken, thrown against walls, and dropped onto concrete from 6ft high; all while continuing to function at top level.

2. Improved Safety Features

A. Man Down feature will alert control center should someone with a radio fall.

B. Lone Worker feature is for people in remote areas and will inform control center if a worker does not check in within an allotted amount of time.

C. GPS tracking.

D. Programmable emergency key.

3. Durability

A. Water-shredding grill allows clear communication in extreme, wet environments.

B. Shock absorbing corners allow for the radio to keep working after long falls and drops on concrete or any surface.

4. Customizable by colors and keys

Options include bright colors such as orange and blue that will allow for the radio to never become misplaced. Key options include 6 keys, 4 keys, and even no keys and no display screen depending on your needs.

A first responder must be Quick so their radio must be Light. A first responder must be Ready so their radio must be Reliable. A first responder must be Understood so their radio must sound Crystal Clear. A first Responder must be Tough and so should his radio and so should the accessories created to help them carry it. That's where Turtleback Case comes in. At Turtleback, we create custom holsters for these and many other radios that allow for ease of access to your radio. Available in leather and basket weave texture, our cases ergonomic design will keep your radio exactly where it needs to be while also making it available for use in a moment's notice.