​Why Do I Need a Holster for my Phone?

​Why Do I Need a Holster for my Phone?

Published by Carly on May 15th 2017

These days, smartphones are getting more and more attractive. With all glass bodies and curved screens, it can be tempting to want the world to see your phone, case-less, in all of it’s glory. So, why do you need a holster case for your phone? There are a few reasons that holster cases are more important today, than ever before.


Chances are, you have felt the panic. You drop your treasured smartphone on the concrete and your heart beats out of your chest as you carefully pick it up in hopes that it has made it through the trauma unscathed. Smartphones just keep getting slimmer, sleeker, and oh yeah, more slippery. This doesn’t bode well when you are attempting to keep your phone from meeting a concrete fate.

Of course, manufactures of some newer smartphones, such as the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8, claim that these devices are more durable than ever before. Yet, is this truly the case? Vlad Savov with the Verge explains in his article “Think hard before buying an all-glass, bezel free smartphone”, that he has his doubts about these new phones and their durability. “…We're now striding boldly forward into a year of even more glass on our smartphones. Glass which, thanks to the illumination of these new edge-to-edge displays, will have little room to hide its scratches and imperfections.”Savov also shares about his personal phone experience, “My Google Pixel, for example, is only a few months old and already its display looks like someone's been carving out a crosshatch pattern on it with a set of sharp keys.”

A case is so important for the safety and longevity of your smartphone. In many ways, holster cases are better than other cases because they protect your entire phone, internally and externally. Similarly, Turtleback offers many holsters that are compatible with popular fitted cases, such as Otterbox.


In many ways, our phones are an extension of ourselves. They hold our contacts, calendars, email, photos, bank accounts, notes, and so much more. That is why, often times, we want our smartphone to stay as close to us as possible.

Holster cases offer, not only safety, but also convenience as they keep your phone on your belt loop all day long.

Since our phones go with us everywhere we go, from the bathroom to the office to the construction site, your device is more likely to get lost or damaged along the way. This is why holster cases are so valuable, since they keep your phone tightly protected and on your belt at all times.


With the average selling price of smartphone in the U.S. costing over $560 this year, and several new devices on the market for over $800, smartphones are definitely an investment. Since our phones often go with us everywhere, it is easy to forget that they are valuable pieces of technology.

Yet, we fumble around with these pricey devices and try to keep them from getting damaged. This is one of the biggest reasons why it is so important to use a case with your device. Phone manufactures are constantly pushing insurance policies for smartphones, because they know the likelihood that your device will see damage at some point during it’s life. However, these insurance policy prices can add up. What better insurance policy than a holster case to protect your smart phone!

Your phone is an investment and when it comes time to upgrade, your phone’s condition will determine its resale value. Nothing drops resale value faster than damaged done your device. So, it is important for you to protect your investment with a holster case and you will not regret it.

At Turtleback, our holster cases are made only of premium leather or nylon and are completely manufactured in America. This means that you know you are getting a quality product that is made to perfectly to protect your device. We have the perfect holster case for your device