Who We Are: The Most Convenient and Customizable Belt Clip Holster Around

Who We Are: The Most Convenient and Customizable Belt Clip Holster Around

Published by Steve Smith on Apr 1st 2015

About Turtleback Case


Updated: 2:00 pm May 6th, 2021

Turtleback Case  products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Sylmar, California. Our design team applies their extensive experience and knowledge to provide cases that enhance the product and meet their specific needs. We also attribute the evolution of our products to consumers who've challenged us to take the idea of a protective case to the next level.

Our products are made with premium quality materials and components to give them the durability and protection. Turtleback Case ® guarantees product quality and we always ensure that customers are satisfied.

We are 100% committed to designing and manufacturing in the United States of America. We stand by our quality and we guarantee quality for all of our products. All of our products have the Made in the USA logo.

All Turtleback Case ® products come with a 100% Satisfaction 30-Day Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your product, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Furthermore, we have reached a time in our journey as an American Manufacturer and a brand where we consider outreach, helpful information, and customer relationships as an extremely important component of our identity. We often joke that we are not robots, you can call us and email us during business hours and you will always find a helpful and kind ear on the other side. In fact, our Vice President often answers customer calls himself and is glad to help in any way that he can. That is the benefit of being a small, family-owned business. 

With content on almost all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, we make a great effort to stay connected and get to know our audience and patrons. Our email subscription is always personally tailored to that same audience and we aim to not only provide weekly deals and coupons all throughout the year, but to also research and plan out the informational content we incorporate in an effort to entertain and familiarize our readers and subscribers with valuable substance. 

Turtleback's 5 Pillars:

1. The Importance of Protecting Your Cellphone and other Technology
2. The Importance of Manufacturing in the United States
3. The Importance of Serving Real People who Work Every Day, Essential Jobs
4. The Importance of Providing First-Class Customer Service
5. The Importance of Providing More than a Product, but also, Useful Information, Support, and Friendship