What We Know About the New iPhone Models 2020

What We Know About the New iPhone Models 2020

Published by Cynthia Marshall on Sep 4th 2020

The newest iPhone models, believed to be named the 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Plus/Pro Max, are expected to be released in either September or October of 2020. The new line of phones boasts 5G capabilities and major updates. Here’s everything we know about the new Apple iPhone models right now.

1. The three display sizes rumored to be featured are 5.4, 6.7, and 6.1 inches.

2. The 6.7 and 6.1 inch designs are expected to have a triple lens camera and a more expensive price tag while the 5.4 in design will have 2 lenses and be more affordable. Learn more about the iPhone 12 camera rumors here:

3. All phones will have OLED display technology which allows for a brighter and crisper display without killing the battery as quickly.

4. The 5.4 inch iPhone will actually be the smallest iPhone released since the 4.7 inch iPhone SE and the 6.7 inch iPhone will be the largest design to date.

5. There will actually be two versions of the 6.1 inch iPhone- one with the 2 lens, less expensive set-up, and the other with 3 lenses and a pricier cost.

6. Rumors suggest that one significant redesign is will be a metal framing similar to the much older iPhone 4. This design would align with the most recent iPad Pro models. Check out this article for more about the iPhone 12 rumors:

7. The higher-end 6.7 inch iPhone 12 is believed to have features that are lacking in the other models including a camera that uses laser technology to improve photography capabilities and possibly faster 5G capabilities, as well.

8. One thing that Apple fans aren’t so excited about is the rumor that the new iPhones will not come with a power adapter included. In an effort to cut down production and packaging costs, Apple will now require iPhone 12 buyers to but their charger separately.

Finally, the following shows the expected iPhone 12 price range for the new iPhone 12 models:

5.4-inch iPhone 12: $649

6.1-inch iPhone 12: $749

6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro: $999

6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max: $1,099

The Apple iPhone 12 Keynote event is rumored to be this upcoming Tuesday, September 8th, 2020. For more information of the new line of iPhones, check out this article:

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