What the Best Protective Cell Phone Holsters on the Market Actually Do

What the Best Protective Cell Phone Holsters on the Market Actually Do

Published by Cynthia Marshall on Jul 10th 2020

Our cellphones have become an extension of ourselves. They're practically glued to our hands and today's children often think of cellphones when they are asked what their favorite toys are. The technology behind cellphones continues to evolve. From smartphones to foldable glass technology, the cellphone industry is ever expanding and the money behind it is stacking up as well. It can sometimes be insane to think about the amount of money spent on getting the latest Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone on the market, but we love our technology and thousands of people upgrade to the latest and greatest phones every single day. 

I think most of us can agree that it is a horrible feeling to lose a cellphone. It's just as bad when you pull it out of your pocket or purse and it just simply slips out of your hands. The whole moment will pass in less than a second, but it will feel like an eternity up until that moment you pick it up to find that your screen is shattered. Most of us have been through this. Once, my Android smartphone slipped out of my hand and slithered down into my hot cup of coffee. True story. 

By losing or breaking your cellphone, you totally lose your investment. This is why, every day, thousands of cellphone users take to the internet to find a way to protect their device. They want something that will last, look good, and of course, do the job right. Here is what the best protective holsters on the market actually do for you and your cellular investment:

1.  Cradled like a baby: Having your cellphone in a high quality holster means it will shielded from all harm. This includes the elements: Rain, snow, heavy wind and dirt, etc. It also includes the sticky soda that you spilled all over your night stand when your cellphone just so happened to be laying there, helpless and naked without a holser. Or, what about that time you stood up after using the commode and didn't realize your cellphone was resting in your jean's back pocket until it was sitting 6 inches deep in toilet water. The best holsters on the market will protect your phone form ever having to experience such an unfortunate demise. 

2. The most breakable part of today's expensive smart phones is the screen. There is an entire industry out there completely dedicated to fixing and replacing screens on Apple and Android smartphones. From experience I can tell you that replacing a screen on an iPhone is not cheap. When your device sits inside its cozy little holster, it is important to know how well the screen is protected since it spends a significant portion of its day in there. A high-quality holster will have a soft, felt lining that will caress and care for your phone's screen by protecting it from scratches and above all, the deathly fall. Let's face it, we've all dropped our phone before. 

3. A legitimate holster will be one from a company with options. From orientation, to the type of protective components it is made out of, the sizing and fitment of the holster, and the type of clip it uses; these choices highly benefit the consumer, allowing them to pick out the holster that will best suit all of their device's needs. 

4. Finally, IT LOOKS GOOD. Whether you're on the job in an office or an oil field or you're out to a fancy dinner or running around a park with your Labrador and children, the holster will look handsome and high-quality. 

You deserve the best and so does the device that, in a sense, has become an extension of you because it allows you to stay connected to family, friends, and loved ones. It's where you store your memories and find out the latest news. It's where you collect your favorite music and the notes you type up whenever a great idea pops into your head. It's the reason you were able to look up a recipe using tuna, peas, and pasta that day you didn't have the time to stop by the grocery store. 

With a Turtleback Holster, you'll know that every inch of your device is sheltered and guaranteed to stay safe and close by and you'll look darn good wearing it too.