Top Tablets for Fall 2016

Top Tablets for Fall 2016

Published by Carly on Sep 8th 2016

Top Tablets for Fall 2016

No matter your plans for this fall, whether work, play, or school, there is tablet waiting to make your life a little easier, sleeker, and more entertaining. We’ve compiled some of the best tablets on the market this fall, based your lifestyle and your exact tablet needs.


When it comes to choosing a tablet for business, there are several different options to choose. If you’re interested in using many of the same features of a PC, but on the go, then a Windows tablet might be the right choice for you. According to About Tech Windows makes some of the best tablets on the market for business use, due to the features included. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has been called an easy laptop replacement due to the thin design, high-resolution screen, and, particularly, the Skylake processor. This tablet starts at about $650. You can read a full review by Tech Radar, here.

Another option for your newest business device is the largest tablet that Apple has ever made, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. This thing is huge. Like, actually huge. This might be the right choice for you if you’re interested in an expansive screen and a portable media device. The iPad Pro is not exactly a laptop replacement, but it could be perfect for you, especially if you’re interested in dual screening , which is ideal for any multitasker out there. This tablet starts at about $680. You can read a full review by Tech Radar, here.

Lastly, if you’re specifically looking for a 2-in-1 laptop-tablet hybrid, then look no further than the Dell XPS 12. This is also a Windows run device, yet it offers some additional features that the Surface Pro 4 does not, such as a detachable keyboard. The keyboard that comes with the XPS 12 is comparable to that of any laptop device, so if typing is your task, this might interest you. When you’re done typing and ready to go a bit more mobile, you can grab the tablet from the keyboard docking station and be on your way. This tablet starts at about $1,200. You can read a full review by Tech Radar, here.


Whether you’re an avid travel-adventurer, or you’re making a purchase for someone who is, a tablet can be one of the best items to have alongside as you hit the road. Entering from the lighter side of tablet is the Apple iPad Air 2. Travel and Leisure says that this tablet is one of the best for travel. With it’s slick design, fast processor, retina display, and weighing in at a little less than one pound, the iPad Air 2 travels light and easy. A major selling point for air travelers is the 10-hour battery life, which could hold out without charging through even the longest of transatlantic flights. This tablet starts at about $400. You can read a full review by cnet, here.

A major competitor to the iPad Air in regards to travel needs is Apple’s own iPad Mini 4. It has similar features and capabilities of the iPad Air 2, but is smaller and lighter, weighing in at 0.65 pounds. This tablet design makes it even easier to pack and carry with you, wherever you’re traveling. The iPad Mini 4 starts at about $400. You can read a full review by cnet, here.

If you’re looking for something less expensive, Amazon offers another route to explore with their line of tablets. The Amazon Fire HD 10 and the Amazon Fire HD 8 are more affordable ways to travel with the digital content you need to be entertained along the way. The Amazon Fire line is basically just tablets meant to house Amazon’s media library. If you’re a Prime member or interested in becoming one, you can utilize all of the content available through your membership with an Amazon Fire. The Fire HD 10 weighs in at around one pound with a ten-inch width. An almost identical model to the Fire HD 10 is the Fire HD 8, which holds all of the same features, but a sharper screen and smaller design. The Fire HD 10 starts at $230 and most refurbished models of the Fire HD 8 are available for under $100. Check out these full reviews by cnet of the Fire HD 10 and the Fire HD 8 .


Junior High, High School, College, Masters, Doctorate, and maybe even Elementary School are made easier with the help of an efficient tablet. If textbook prices have got you eating ramen noodles, there are several Android tablets on the market to meet any price point. The ASUS Zenpad S 8.0is pretty close to a premium tablet at an unbelievable price. This tablet offers a simple, efficient performance with a great battery and various storage options. If you’re already an Android user, this tablet will make you feel at home with your favorite interface and apps. The ASUS Zenpad S 8.0 starts at $280. You can read a full review by Android Authority, here.

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 is another Android-based tablet that is just as affordable as the ASUS Zenpad. If you’re into gaming in between classes, then this is the tablet for you, as it is the self-proclaimed “ultimate tablet for gamers”. This tablet focuses on an overall Android gaming experience, but there is a way to play PC games, as well. However, this tablet offers something for non-gaming users, too. With a great processor, lightweight, and small size, this will be an easy tablet to carry from home to school. The NVIDIA Shield K1 starts at $285. You can read a full review by Android Authority, here.

If price is not an obstacle when considering a tablet for school, then you should definitely look into the 12.9-inch iPad Pro or the Surface Pro 4, as discussed above.

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