​Top Mobile Rumors for 2019

​Top Mobile Rumors for 2019

Published by Carly on Feb 1st 2019

Have you heard the latest phone rumors? From the newest iPhones to folding phones to when 5G will be coming to you, a lot expected to happen in the world of mobile in 2019. We have got all of the latest, biggest rumors for you below!


Some are referring to them as iPhone XI or iPhone 11, but whatever you call them, these are the iPhones that will be released in September 2019 and there could be exciting things to come. Rumors currently are that there will be OLED iPhones released this year that are5.8 and 6.5-inches and there is also a possibility of an LCD iPhone at 6.1-inches. Discussions are on going about a possible rear camera that would feature a triple lens, a major improvement from the dual lens on current iPhone models. A triple lens would open up a world of possibilities in functionality, including 3D sensors that would allow for augmented reality interactions. Last, but not least are the unconfirmed reports that the newest iPhones will be compatible with the Apple Pencil (and all stylus fans rejoice)!

Samsung Galaxy S10

Confirmed to be releasing on February 20th, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to introduce several improvements to the Galaxy line of devices. Some rumors claim that this release will include the Galaxy S10, S10 Lite and a S10 Plus. It sounds like the S10 will be slimmer with even less visible bezels than on the S9. Also, another detail that is stirring up excitement among many is Samsung’s announcement that they will be including 1TB storage drives in future phones – some believe in the Galaxy S10, which would be a game changer, for sure.


Are you ready for an even faster phone? 5G is in the works for most wireless networks, but which phones and carriers will be 5G compatible in 2019? Well, if you are interested in trying out 5G, the Motorola Z3, released in 2018 is technically 5G compatible. However, it cannot access 5G on it’s own. The Moto Z3 requires a modification called the 5G Moto Mod, which is not yet available from Motorola.

According to a statement from Samsung, they are planning to release a 5G compatible device in early 2019 (and no, it is not the S10) – many speculate that it may be the Galaxy S10 Plus, but only time will tell.

Finally, some speculate that the Google Pixel 4, which will likely be announced in fall of 2019, could be a 5G compatible device.

By 2020, 5G should be much more accessible for consumers everywhere!

Folding Phones

Folding phones are one of the hottest topics in mobile for 2019. No, we’re not talking about flip phones, though these phones are certainly inspired by flip phones, they would feature a foldable glass design. While there are no devices like this available, yet, there is a likelihood that they are coming in 2019!

While it does not yet have an official name, many are calling the rumored Samsung foldable device as “Galaxy F” or “Galaxy Fold”. Though the name is not official, maybe believe that Samsung’s foldable phone will be announced at the press event on February 20th with a 2019 release date.

Design sketches have been leaked of a foldable phone from LG, however this one is different than the Samsung model as this device looks like it would have two separate screens, rather than folding on glass.

Also, the long beloved Motorola RAZR might be making a comeback as a foldable glass device in 2019!

Pixel 3 Lite

Techradar is referring to it as “the first mid-range in the Pixel line”, the Pixel 3 Lite is rumored to be released in the first half of 2019 as a sequel to the Pixel 3 release in 2018. The device is said to be mainly composed of plastic externally and it will be an overall lighter, less expensive version of the Pixel 3.

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