Top 6 things to Get Dad for Father’s Day 2020 : June 21st!

Top 6 things to Get Dad for Father’s Day 2020 : June 21st!

Published by Cynthia Marshall on Jun 8th 2020

1. Leather or Nylon Premium Holster for Apple iPhones

Whether your Dad still rocks the iPhone 6/6s or he’s up to date and sending you GIF’s every 2 minutes with his iPhone 11 Pro, we have a beautifully crafted holster for him to use. With our holster, he can make sure to always keep his cellphone on his belt whether he’s working or making a trip to the grocery store, at the ready it shall be! Don’t let you dad crack one more screen, or even worse, forget it at the shopping counter like last time. With our holster, you Father can stylishly keep his device tightly secured and ready to use no matter where he is or who he needs to call.

2. Leather or Nylon Premium Holster for the NEW Samsung S20 Family

Okay Techie Dad, we see you. Your Dad likes the finer things in life and that includes the newest and hottest devices on the market. Don’t let it be any different when it comes to how he protects the investment he made when choosing one of Samsung’s new S20 phones, including the Plus and Ultra. We have sturdy and durable holsters for those too. You love your dad and you want to know you can call him at any time and he’ll be able to answer because this time he didn’t let his phone slip and fall near the bed, forgetting about it till late evening. With a Turtleback Holster, he can secure his communication device to his belt and always be ready to take your call. Happy Father, happy family!

3. Fitted Flip Phone Cases

Not every Dad likes to wrestle through the day with a Smartphone. And we don’t blame him! Those things can get complicated, man. Flip phones are still an incredibly useful and convenient way to remain in contact with friends and families at all times and many of our Father’s still carry them, but let’s face it, they are often small and easy to misplace. At Turtleback Case, we manufacture fitted cases and holsters in Leather and Nylon for over 60 types of Flip Phone models. These products will protect your Father’s technology and securely attach his device to his belt or pant hem for the entire day.

4. Minimalist Wallets and Holster Wallets

Our Fathers’ Big ol’ bulky wallets are becoming a thing of the past. They stretch out their pant’s pockets and they’re heavy and holding receipts and business cards from 1999. Our line of thin Minimalist wallets are not only stylish, but convenient and they have the room to hold the necessary basics. If your Dad likes the feel of a larger wallet and is also in need of a phone holster, we have a solution. A hybrid of the two. A premium leather or nylon holster big and convenient enough to fit his cell phone, credit cards, cash, ID, and even a key or two.

5. Laptop and Tablet Cases

As a small, family-owned manufacturing company that designs and produces our products in the United States, our main goal is to “Protect The Tech” and help find a convenient solution for preserving and carrying the technological communication investments we make. This includes laptops and tablets! We have tough and sturdy yet stylish and sleek options for Dad’s devices that we are sure he will love.

6. Masks!

This is a fairly new option when it comes to giving gifts to Dad and none of us really saw it coming, but it also symbolized thoughtfulness and caring for his safety and his health. With the current state of things and the requirement of masks to do just about anything throughout many regions in our country, masks are convenient and necessary accessories now. We have 8 amazing designs and your Dad is sure to love at least 1 of them- but even more importantly, they have a pocket for a filter, adjustable ear-loops, and will last for up to 50-100 washes. Show your Old’ Man how much you care this Father’s Day, he’s sure to appreciate it.