Top 5 Flip Phones For Those Who Are Upgrading To 4G Or 5G

Top 5 Flip Phones For Those Who Are Upgrading To 4G Or 5G

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Feb 18th 2022

Let’s be honest here: You’re here either because you’re being kicked off 3G or because you love flip phones. In both these cases, it’s good to have a flip phone that offers 4G or 5G compatibility without ignoring the simplicity these types of phones are famous for. So without further delay, let’s get into the list of the top 5 flip phones:

GO FLIP V: Best Verizon Flip Phone

Available for $160 at Amazon, it’s one of the newest flip phones on the market. If you’re a Verizon lover, then this phone is good for you. Otherwise, it’s not because you can’t use it with any other providers.

The phone features a 2MP camera good enough for capturing 720P HD videos. Most flip phone users don’t need much storage so the built-in 8GB storage is fine. However, if you are not like most users, the phone has a MicroSD card slot for storing more photos, videos, or audio.

If you go back a few years, the idea of a flip phone that can create a Wi-Fi hotspot seemed like a joke. Now, the GO FLIP V does exactly that since it supports 4G speeds. Not only that, but it also has GPS and a web browser – something you rarely see in a flip phone.

The Good

Records HD videos

Has 8GB of storage space

The Bad

Only available on Verizon

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Kyocera DuraXV LTE: Extremely Rugged “True” Flip Phone

Why did I call it a “true” flip phone? Well because some modern flip phones tend to be more smartphone-like.

While it’s intelligent and compact as well, its main selling point is that it’s extremely rugged. Its performance under hostile conditions is good, which is why some may call it “virtually indestructible.” It has the military standard 810G, which helps with dust, shock, vibration, and more.

The Kyocera DuraXV has reinforced housing that helps it against severe situations. It also comes with waterproof capabilities up to 6.5 feet.

So, it’s for those who are looking for a rugged phone that can communicate even in the most intense situations.

That can be its biggest drawback as well because it doesn’t do much past communications. So, if you want a more smartphone-like flip phone, this phone is not for you.

But if you need to communicate in rough conditions, this phone will do the job perfectly.

The Good

Excellent communication

Sturdy in all conditions

The Bad

Short on features

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Sonim XP3: A Rugged Flip Phone With Extra Loud Speakers

This phone is as tough as it is convenient. Want a flip phone that doubles as a two-way radio? Consider buying Sonim XP3 then.

The phone comes with a 3-year warranty, supports LTE speeds, and has a loud 100 dB speaker. If you find the equipped 8GB storage insufficient, use the built-in memory card.

The Good

Works as a two-way radio

The Bad

Vibration motor feels weak

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Consumer Cellular Link II – Most Affordable Flip Phone

Some reviewers even rate Consumer Cellular Link II as the best 4G flip phone. That might be due to the fact that it’s one of the most budget-friendly flip phones on the market.

Affordability, simple design, internal and external screens, and hearing aid compatibility are the things we like most about this phone.

The price is $59 when purchased through Consumer Cellular. So even though you won’t find many features in it, it’s hard to find a more affordable flip phone.

Let’s talk about features: It makes calls, sends text messages, and takes photos. It offers Bluetooth capabilities for a wireless headset or streaming and comes with a large keypad. This phone is also rated M3/T4 for hearing aid compatibility, which is said to have no noise issues. The battery lasts a while (Can go even up to four days on a single charge).

It doesn’t offer safety features, voice commands, or higher-quality cameras. But it does what a basic phone does, at a really good price.

The Good

Sturdy Design


Optional Data Plans


Hearing Aid Compatibility

FM Radio

Large, Classic 12-Key Keypad

The Bad

No Speed Dial

Unimpressive Camera

Limited Features

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Kyocera DuraXE Epic: Most Durable Flip Phone

What we like most about this phone is that it’s waterproof and drop-proof, and it offers SOS features and noise cancellation. It’s also loved for having great customizable buttons.

Its price is $199.99 when purchased through AT&T.

The phone is liked for being drop-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof. Apart from the durability, the phone has great sound quality. The HD voice features and noise cancellation make for crystal-clear calls. The battery is also good that can last nearly two weeks on standby.

You can also customize this phone to show important features front and center. For example, you can make one of your home screen buttons call emergency responders. Lastly, it’s not fully compatible with hearing aids, but still, a good option for those who want a durable flip phone.

The Good

Waterproof and drop-proof

SOS Features

Noise cancellation

Customizable buttons

The Bad

Somewhat bulky design

No Wi-Fi calling

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Final Words

If you yearn for simpler times, a flip phone is worth considering. But even though we know that flip phones are rugged, they’re still not unbreakable. So your best bet is to cover your flip phone with a Turtleback case.

All our cases are made of quality materials so that your phone is protected from dust, dirt, and accidental falls. We put great craftsmanship into our products and manufacture everything here in the USA. So be sure to scroll through our website for holsters and cases for your phone.