The Top 10 Phones to Consider Upgrading to in 2021

The Top 10 Phones to Consider Upgrading to in 2021

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Jun 9th 2021

Advancements in technology have made buying a smartphone difficult for the average consumer. That’s because we have too many great options (even in the low price range).

But don’t worry: You have stumbled upon the right guide. We have done all the heavy lifting for you and curated a list of top 10 phones to consider upgrading to in 2021.

These phones will last you a few years, feature a great camera and a good screen, and offer high speed.

So pick a phone that meets your budget, needs, and preferences.

The Best Phones to Buy in 2021

iPhone 12

The best iPhone around is also the best smartphone to buy for most people in 2021.

Last year, Apple released its latest iPhone series that included 4 models. But even though we have 4 options, the regular one is a good pick. The 64 GB starts at $830 and is the best smartphone for most people.

Let’s look at the features it has similar to iPhone 12 Pro: Design, processor, wireless charging, Face ID system, 5G, and front, main, and wide-angle rear cameras. All of this is included for a few hundred dollars less. Plus, it has one more color than the pro version.

Normally, you wouldn’t get a balance between a big screen and manageable size, but it does so. You can watch videos and read text comfortably. But it’s not annoyingly big. On top of that, it offers a reliable battery life. The A14 Bionic makes it lightning fast.

If 64 GB storage is not enough for you, go with a 128 GB model (for an extra $50).

Samsung galaxy s21 ultra

Hands down, it’s the best Android phone to buy in 2021.

It starts at $1,199.99 and has a 6.8-inch screen. So if you have a few extra hundred dollars to spend and the idea of a big phone in your pocket doesn’t give you nightmares, then this is the phone you’re looking for.

It competes with Apple in terms of camera quality. The versatile camera has advanced video features, such as Pro modes and 8K recording. It also offers the latest features on any Android device, such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. The high refresh rate and the support for S Pen styluses make its screen one of the most user-friendly ones.

A phone with features like the Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t always offer a 2-day battery life. Plus, it’s one of the prettiest phones if we take its size into considerations.

There’s no doubt that the phone is expensive, but it’s worth the money. Fortunately, you can get discounts on it. So if you are interested in this phone, research for some deals before buying.

Samsung Galaxy S21 / S21 Plus

No, these two options are not as good as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but we have included them because they are under $1,000.

Starting at $800, the regular Galaxy S21 gives you a 6.2-inch screen. While the Plus version with a 6.7-inch screen starts at $1,000. However, you can find these phones at a lot less price during sales.

These phones have just three differences: screen size, battery size, and materials. And the good news is that they both have the same Snapdragon 888 as the Ultra. So if you’re looking for the perfect balance between price and features in an Android phone, go with Samsung Galaxy S21 or S21 Plus.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Along with a few other things, Apple iPhone is known for its camera quality. While other iPhones this year have exceptional cameras, 12 Pro Max is the best phone for photography and video in 2021.

Three rear cameras, standard wide, ultrawide, and telephoto, give you great image quality even in poor lighting. The main difference lies in the camera sensor: 12 Pro Max has a bigger sensor than other models in the series that work in challenging lighting conditions.

We know that many people buy smartphones just because they want to express themselves using photography or videography. If you are one of them, buy 12 Pro Max without any questions.

But if camera quality is not your only concern, it might not be the best fit for you. Its big size can be a burden for some people. In general, the regular iPhone 12 would be a good fit.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

We have another iPhone on our list. 12 Mini is the best small smartphone in 2021.

The top reason to buy this cellphone is its size. If you like a phone that fits in one hand and is easy to use, go with Mini. The good part is that it offers amazing specs regardless of the fact it’s small. You still get good performance and camera quality.

Although it has a 5.4-inch screen, it’s good for browsing the internet, typing messages, and watching videos. If you ignore the size, it’s pretty much the regular iPhone 12, just cheaper.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

By now, you’d be thinking that this blog post is an endorsement for Apple and Samsung. Well, it’s not. As always, we are giving you an unbiased opinion, but the fact that these two companies make amazing phones, we had to include their products.

You should get Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra if you want a stylus built into your phone.

Do you use your phone heavily throughout the day? Then it’s time to upgrade to Note 20 Ultra. With the 4,500mAh, you’ll be all set for the day.

If a 6.9-inch screen is too big for you, it compensates for smooth interactions. Like other phones on the list, it offers a high-end camera. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and 12GB of RAM guarantee a high speed. With Samsung’s S Pen, you can write with a pen instead of your finger.

Oneplus 9

Let’s take a break from Samsung and Apple for a moment.

Oneplus has two similar mobiles, Oneplus 9 Pro and Oneplus 9, but the latter is cheaper. Snapdragon 888 processor and fast 65W wired charging are two of its amazing features. But it’s the ultrawide camera that attracts most people, especially those who are into landscape photography.

Its camera is larger than some other smartphones on the market. The unique lens offers a great image quality. So even if wide photography doesn’t appeal to you, you can enjoy normal images.

However, there are some things to consider about this mobile. The 9 Pro has more camera features than the 9. And if you use AT&T’s 5G network, it won’t work for you. Apart from that, it’s a seriously good option given its price.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Are you looking for a cheap phone that offers high-end features? Then, this is the phone you’re looking for. For under $500, you’ll get features of premium devices.

You won’t get the features of the S21 series, but it costs less than half of that series’ price. A 6.5-inch screen, 120Hz refresh rate, and an IP67 water resistance rating are a few features that will attract people’s attention.

It doesn’t have the fastest processor around, but it offers enough battery power to get through the day easily. The company has committed to providing four years of security updates for this phone that makes it worth considering.

Google Pixel 4A

Similar to Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, this phone is a great option if you are on a budget. Even at $349, it gives you the guarantee to get software updates for at least three years.

But what makes it stand out is its camera that can compete with several popular smartphones. That’s because Google knows its software and the sensor they use is old. The camera beats iPhone SE for photos every time but loses in terms of videos.

The following features make it a not-so-good choice: Cheap body, slow RAM, and no wireless charging. But again, look at its price tag. If you are on a budget, you may want to consider it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Are you a fan of folding phones? Then this is the best option for you in 2021.

The Fold 2 fits your pocket easily and unfolds to a large 7.6-inch display on the inside. Keep in mind that Fold 2 is not cheap. Buy it only if you love folding phones.

Every Phone Needs to Be Protected

Our list features the best phones to buy on the market in 2021. But no matter which phone you select, you’ll have to protect it. No cellphone company claims their phone to be unbreakable.

The most practical option to cover a phone is a holster. It will protect your phone from accidental falls. Your phone will always be on your belt so you can pick calls quickly. In addition, it will be your style statement.

Find a holster according to your cellphone model!