The S20 Family has been Introduced

The S20 Family has been Introduced

Published by Cynthia Marshall on Feb 25th 2020

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Samsung released an entirely new line of phones this week. About a month ago, we cracked down the rumors about what the new family of phones would be like and many turned out to be accurate, Most notably the 8k video shooting and an extensive 4 lens camera that Samsung claims will “change photography.”

The family consists of the Galaxy S20, the S20+, and the S20 Ultra 5G. The 108MP zoom lens allows for 100x zoom and incredible resolution on the S20 Ultra, compared to the other models which only have a 30x zoom. The Single Take feature allows the camera to capture up to 10 seconds of images in a variety of still and video frames with 1 tap, while you move around. 5G connectivity allows for “HyperFast” speeds when you want to upload, download, live-stream, and share. The battery is a powerful 5000mAh that they claim lasts all day.

A phone that takes 8k video and high-resolution photos has to have a whopping amount of storage space. The phone alone can store up to 512 GB, but with an additional MicroSD, you can have 1.5 T of total storage. That’s like a laptop in the palm of your hand.

In addition to the advanced camera and video technology in Samsung’s attempt to compete with the iPhone 11, they also upped their accessory game. The Galaxy Buds+ are similar to Apple Airpods but with a more “samsungesque” design. They are as small as your typical ear plug but boast premium sound and noise cancellation. The battery life allows for 11 hours of music streaming on a single charge and 3 minutes of charging guarantees an hour of battery life. The Galaxy Watch Active2 is similar to the Apple Watch but with a more minimalist design and, depending on your carrier, no ability to do stand alone calling.

All in all, the family of phones are proving to be a stiff competitor for the iPhone 11 family. We have released our premium protective holsters for the S20 family and they are now LIVE on our website! Protect your investment while looking sleek and professional with a Turtleback holster. Also, check out our carrying options for all other Samsung mobile devices!