The Pros and Cons of getting an Otterbox Case for your new iPhone 12

The Pros and Cons of getting an Otterbox Case for your new iPhone 12

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Nov 30th 2020

So you have recently bought an iPhone 12, and someone recommended you to get an Otterbox case for it. But before you decide to spend you hard-earned money on it, you should know the pros and cons of an Otterbox case.

Well, that’s exactly we are going to talk about today. In the end, we’ll also discuss how you can make it a smart investment.

    The Pros of getting an Otterbox Case

First, let’s put some light on the reasons why they are a good choice.

Starting off with the high protection that they provide for your iPhone 12. You’ll never think twice about your kid playing with it or taking it to the gym or the backyard. Even if you work in construction, your iPhone 12 will stay brand new, despite all of the drywall dust and all kinds of abuse.

Otterbox makes very good quality cases. In fact, Business Insider calls them the best rugged iPhone case. A very high number of positive reviews on Amazon also prove that Otterbox is a great brand.

Simply put, Ottorbox’s high-quality cases have a sheer drive to save your phone.

    The Cons of getting an Otterbox Case

However, these cases have a couple of cons as well!

The first one is their size. They make your phone bulky and bigger than comfortable for some. Your iPhone will feel larger in hand.

Also, they have a clip option for people who want to holster their phones as well. But, it tends to break very easily.

    So What’s The Solution Then?

Well, it’s the combination of the Otterbox case and one of our holsters.

Here at Turtleback, we have so many sizes of holsters that we will always have something to fit with whatever Otterbox you might have.

The solution to clip breakage: We also have such a strong sturdy belt clip that you would never have to worry about it breaking. Basically, the perfect combination for cell phone protection would be an Otterbox case and one of our holsters.

    Protect Your Brand-new iPhone 12 Now!

First of all, the price of the iPhone 12 series starts from $649 and goes up to $1,099. No matter what model you buy, it’s still a good amount of money. So the last thing you can do about it is compromising its protection.

We know what you are thinking; another company trying to trick me into buying something I don’t need.

Well, you can Google about how easily your iPhone can damage.

And one more thing: we are not sponsored by Otterbox case in any shape or form. We endorsed them because they are the only brand that, when added with one of our holsters, provides the perfect protection for your iPhone.

Find the holster of your choice from our versatile collection here.

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