The Note 7 is Done: Check Out These Alternatives

The Note 7 is Done: Check Out These Alternatives

Published by Carly on Nov 14th 2016

The Note 7 is Done: Check Out These Alternatives

Based on Samsung’s recent open letter of apology , it is fair to say that the Note 7 is basically dead in the ground. This once-ever-so-popular cutting edge device has now been recalled by Samsung and even banned by the FAA (it is a federal offense to carry the device on board any aircraft in the U.S.). In such little time since it’s August release date, the Note 7 is now considered to have left the United States . The good news is, if you have a Note 7, Samsung is offering full refunds when you return the device . Though no smart phone on the market quite compares, check out these Note 7 (may it rest in peace) alternatives.

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Brand new as of September 2016, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are phenomenal alternatives to the Note 7. Of course, if you’ve been a long time Android user, this means making the controversial switch to the iOS world. Yet, if you’re willing to make the leap, you’ll find a pretty comparable experience with the iPhone 7. If you appreciated the durability of the Note 7, you’ll find that with the iPhone 7, as it is water resistant up to 30 minutes in about 3 feet of water. Plus, the iPhone 7 camera is stellar with a cutting edge dual-camera system. Also, you can try out the latest wireless earpod technology since Apple ditched the headphone jack on this latest release. With the 7 and the 7 Plus, Apple increased storage options, so you can choose storage all the way up to 256GB .The iPhone 7 is available starting at $649 and you can pick up a holster case for your new iPhone here.

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

So, you’re interested in the iPhone, but you really want a headphone jack. It’s alright, we understand. The good news is that, not only does the 6s have a headphone jack, it is also less expensive than the iPhone 7 and the Note 7. If you’re interested in the larger display, the 6s Plus is probably the right choice for you and, like the 7, it will also be iOS 10 compatible, so you’ll still get a host of new features. If you’re willing to sacrifice the water resistance and dual camera, you’ll save some cash in the long run. The iPhone 6s is available starting at $549 and we have got holster cases for the device here.

Google Pixel & Pixel XL

If you’re a committed Android user, then you have got to check out the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Many Note 7 users are ditching the device for the Google Pixel and it is clear to see why. This device offers the best of the Google-Android mix, with the debut of the Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB of Ram. Google boasts that this device holds the best camera available in smartphones, even supposedly beating out the iPhone 7. Everything about this device is centered around the brand new Google Assistant, who is also suppose to be faster, smarter, and more efficient than iPhone’s Siri. Google is even throwing in free, unlimited photo and video cloud storage with every Pixel. Best of all, the device is priced at a comparable price point to the iPhone 7. The Google Pixel is available starting at $649 and we’ve got you covered with a variety of holster cases here.

Galaxy S7 Edge

The closest you can probably get to owning the Note 7 is through the Galaxy S7 Edge. They are manufactured by the same people and have a lot of the exact same features. The S7 line and the Note 7 share similar body design, with the only real difference being that the Edge has a smaller screen, but barely. A bonus is that the Edge technically has a bigger battery that the Note 7, so you should experience longer battery life (and a safer battery!). The biggest thing that you’ll be missing when you switch to the Edge is the lack of stylus and the features that come along with it. This alternative device choice requires you to stick with the now, not so trusted, Samsung. However, the consensus of many reviews is still that the S7 Edge is not only one of the best smartphones on the market, but one of the best ever made. The Galaxy S7 Edge is available starting at $769.99 and you can pick up a holster case here.

Galaxy Note 5

If you love the S-pen stylus function of the Note 7, then one of the only options for you is the Note 5. The predecessor of the 7 (Samsung skipped the Note 6) was released in August 2015; this phone is missing some of the cutting edge enhancements of the Note 7, but is still a great smartphone option. The Note 5 has the same size screen and looks pretty similar to the Note 7 (except for the lack of curved display). However, the device is not water resistant. Yet, the Note 5 upholds most of the same S-pen stylus features of the 7, which makes it unlike any device on the market when it comes to stylus usability. The price isn’t too shabby either! The Note 5 is available starting at $699 and, don’t forget to grab a holster case, here.