The Most Affordable Ways to Repair Your Broken Screen

The Most Affordable Ways to Repair Your Broken Screen

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Jul 6th 2021

Do you want to repair your broken screen but are on a tight budget? Or maybe you just hate going to repair shops? Either way, we have a few affordable DIY ways that you can use to fix your broken screen.

First, you need to assess your repair needs. Carefully remove the glass screen protector on your phone. There’s a fair chance that the screen under it is not broken.

If the screen is broken, you need to decide between fix and replace. If the screen is clouded or merely cracked, the first three methods from this list will work. If the screen is fully cracked, you’d be better off replacing it completely.

And the final method on this list will let you avoid the hassle of fixing or replacing a broken screen in the first place!

Read on to find out how!

Repair Your Broken Screen With These Methods

Oleophobic Coating Kit

This method works when the screen has smudges on it from heavy handling. Oleophobic is a Teflon-like oil-repellent coating that is bonded to the glass. You can get it from electronic supply stores or major e-commerce websites.

Have these tools at your disposal while applying this method: Microfiber cleaning cloths, zipper plastic storage bags, and 70 percent isopropyl alcohol.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean the surface. Then wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Put plastic wrap around one finger and apply the coating liquid onto the screen using this finger. Be quick because oleophobic coating's liquid solvent evaporates fast.
  3. For large surfaces, apply 10 drops to a portion of the screen. Work on one portion at a time.
  4. Use your plastic-wrapped finger to distribute the coating until the liquid evaporates. Do it lightly and swiftly.
  5. Clean the screen with a microfiber cloth. After that, don’t touch it for 8-12 hours.
  6. After this time, clean the screen with a microfiber cloth again.
  7. For better performance and film durability, repeat the process 2-3 times.


It’s a temporary fix. If your phone has really small scratches and cracks, it can work.

Put a tiny bit of toothpaste on a cotton bud and rub it on the scratch. Make sure that it doesn't get into headphone sockets or buttons.


Sugru is a moldable glue kit that’s used for bonding surfaces together and filling surfaces. It can be a good fix for small cracks.

Follow these steps to apply Sugru:

  1. Use a soft cleaning towel to wipe the screen. Be gentle while cleaning.
  2. Put some transparent adhesive tape around the area to be patched.
  3. Mark over the tape to show the border around the patch area. This will prevent the Sugru to reach unwanted areas of the screen.
  4. Apply Sugru to the cracked area. Make sure to use small amounts. You can add more as needed.

The Perfect Solution to Protect Your Phone

The official screen replacement cost for many cellphones is around $100, which is approximately half of the phone’s price. That feels like a complete rip-off if you are on a tight budget.

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