The Magnetic Super Tool You Didn't Know You Needed

The Magnetic Super Tool You Didn't Know You Needed

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Mar 12th 2021

Imagine if you could get a third hand while working on a project!

Introducing Turtleback Magnetic Wristband Tool Holder Organizer; the tool that helps you get the job done faster, without frustration.

How many times have you forgotten where you kept the screws while working on a project? It’s frustrating and gives you a headache, right? That’s why Turtleback created a Magnetic Wristband Tool Holder Organizer for you. So whether you are a technician or a DIYer, it will help you get the job done.

Read on to find about more benefits.

Powerful Magnets

This useful tool has not one or two but ten heavy-duty rare earth magnets that wrap around your wrist. While working on projects, handymen often need tools and other small parts nearby. That’s why, we have embedded powerful magnets in our wristband to keep your tools, nuts, screws, bits, nails, and drill bits closer to you.

Work in numerous situations

The situations in which this tool can be helpful are numerous. We’ll try to cover the common ones here.

If you need to go up and down while working, for example, repairing ceiling fans or recessed lighting, you’ll need it.

Can’t find a place to keep the bolts while working on your car? Just keep them on your wristband, and you never forget where you put them.

Some mechanics have a habit of keeping small parts such as nails, bolts, etc., in the pocket or the mouth. It can disturb your focus. But when you have all these small parts on your wrist, you can focus entirely on the task at hand.

It’s your tool companion for any type of home improvement, construction, renovation, auto repair, carpentry, sewing, or DIY project.

Want to repair electronic appliances or your faulty HVAC system? It will help you get the job done and save you from interrupting the workflow.

In simple words, it’s a must-have item in your toolbox.

Save Time

When you work with nuts, screws, washers, drill bits, and other small parts, keeping them in the toolbox can be a waste of time. And if you keep them on the ground, the chances of them getting lost are high.

Imagine you unscrewed all the screws while repairing a washing machine. You fix the machine and want to put everything back in its place. But then, you realize you have forgotten where you kept all the screws. If you had the Turtleback Magnetic Wristband Tool Holder Organizer, they’ll be right on your wrist, helping you get the job done right and without interruption. That’s why we call it your third helping hand.

No more going to the toolbox or searching your pockets. It will help save your precious time and keep the workflow smooth.

When you have everything within your reach, there won’t be any chance of losing or dropping an item. Now, you’ll finish jobs faster with no frustration.

Universal Design

It’s one size fits most. The unisex design makes it great for both men and women. And if you think that your wrist is bigger or smaller than average, don’t worry. It has an adjustable strap which you can use to fit your wrist. The dimensions of the adjustable straps are 14.50 x 2.50 inches.

The tool holder is lightweight and has a heavy-duty nylon outer layer. This outer layer has a soft felt interior which makes sure the wearer has maximum comfort. Like Turtleback’s other products, we make this tool with high-quality material that ensures its durability.

Works Well As A gift

From mechanics to electricians to DIYers, this tool is equally helpful. So if you have someone in the family who uses different tools for work or fun, this wristband will be a great gift for them.

Made In America

We pride ourselves in making all of our products in the USA since 2001. We strive to provide people with a peace-of-mind experience. We want our customers to enjoy unmatched reliability and confidence; that’s why we have brought this amazing tool to the market.

You never know that you needed this tool until you get it!

So what are you waiting for?

Get your third helping hand at work!