The iPhone X, iPhone 8, and Pixel 2: Which is the Best?

The iPhone X, iPhone 8, and Pixel 2: Which is the Best?

Published by Carly on Nov 28th 2017

The iPhone X, iPhone 8, and Pixel 2: Which is the Best?

With several releases of new smartphones all coming at us this fall, how do you choose which one is the best? From the next in the iPhone lineage, the iPhone 8, to the groundbreaking iPhone X, to the second generation from Google, the Pixel 2, there is an abundance of phenomenal new phones on the market. Each of these devices is different from the rest and has its own benefits, but which one is the best?


While the difference among the specs of these three devices seems small, it is a great place to start when comparing.

The Pixel 2, the lightest of the three, weighs in at 5.04 ounces. It measures at 5.7 x 2.7 inches, with a display of 5.5 inches. Next in line is the iPhone 8 at 5.22 ounces, 5.4 x 2.6 inch dimensions, and 4.7 inches display. Lastly, the iPhone X is 6.14 ounces, measures 5.6 x 2.7 inches, with the display measuring a whopping 5.8 inches. You will definitely notice a difference in the display size of the iPhone 8 to the iPhone X.


The iPhone X and Pixel 2 both feature AMOLED screens, yet the iPhone 8 is still stuck with an LCD screen. Which is better, AMOLED or LCD? Check this out to find out more.

Another component to consider regarding the displays of these three devices is their resolutions. While the Pixel 2 and iPhone X are similar at right around 450 ppi, the iPhone 8 has considerably less at 326 ppi.

The latest trends in displays is the exclusion of bezels, however, only one of these devices is bezel-less, the iPhone X. Similarly, smartphones are slowly ditching the home button, which is the case for the Pixel 2 and the iPhone X. If you aren’t quite ready to learn how to use a button-less phone, then stick with the home button on the iPhone 8.


While each device offers specific software features surrounding the cameras, the physical cameras specs of each device pans out to be about equal. The iPhones feature 12MP rear cameras and 7MP front and the Pixel 2 varies slightly with a 12.2MP rear and 8MP front. Similarly, all of the devices have a camera aperture of f/1.8.

If you want more info about the best smartphone cameras, check out this article.


You probably are not choosing your new phone based on the colors available, but it is still nice to know. While the iPhone X comes in silver and space gray, the iPhone 8 comes in these colors with gold thrown in the mix, as well. The Pixel 2 is a little bit different, yet still neutral, as it is available in black, clear white, and barely blue.

The Pixel 2 is composed of an aluminum unibody, while both iPhones are made of stainless steel, with glass backings. Apple took a leap of faith and moved away from aluminum backing into the more fragile glass option. Some are calling the iPhone X the most fragile phone ever built, so that is something to consider.


If you are pumped up about wireless charging, then do not get too excited about the Pixel 2, which solely features charging the good ole fashion way. However, be aware that wireless charging of the iPhone 8 or X requires the purchase of another device (a wireless charging pad), which just raises the price tag on two of the most expensive iPhones to date.


Let’s get down to what really matters, price. The Pixel 2 starts at $649 for 64GB of storage the iPhone 8 starts at $699 for the same 64GB. Lastly, the most expensive iPhone of all time, the iPhone X starts at $999 for 64GB, and is $1,149 for 256GB.

Some people are happy to pay more for iPhones, however the $649 Pixel 2 is looking pretty inexpensive compared to the nearly $1,000 iPhone.

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