​The Incredible Folding Phone

​The Incredible Folding Phone

Published by Carly on Apr 2nd 2019

The future of smart phones is here. Well, it is arriving soon, at least. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was announced at the Samsung event in February 2019, and since then, everyone has been talking about it. As Samsung claims, “We didn’t just change the shape of the phone. We changed the shape of tomorrow”. This certainly appears to be the case as their folding phone gets ready to drop on the market. Of course, we have all had a folding phone at some time or another since the flip phone was the original foldable phone. However, the newest device from Samsung is not only foldable, it actually folds on the display. From the cameras, to the display, to price and release date, we have got all the information you want to know about the new Samsung Galaxy Fold right here!


You are probably thinking, ‘how does this phone fold?’ The crown feature of this new Samsung device is the foldability of the display. The AMOLED display has a hinge behind it with gears that make the folding possible. Many questions have come up about the durability of the device after excessive folding occurs over time. So, how does it hold up? You can find out more from this bendability test of the Galaxy Fold, here.


When folded, the AMOLED display is 4.6-inches. However, the display can open to a 7.3-inch display in tablet mode. When used as a tablet, the Galaxy Fold can run up to 3 apps all at one time, all on one screen for multitasking at its finest.


The Samsung Galaxy Fold is available in four colors: green, blue, silver and black. Also, it appears that the hinge color can be customized, possibly even interchangeable.


This power house of a phone needs a powerful battery, actually, two batteries to be exact. There is one battery located on each side of the device. Combine, the two batteries to make up 4,380-mAh of battery power.


There is a total of six cameras included in the Samsung Galaxy Fold. A camera on the cover, two on the front and three on the back. Among the six cameras are a telephoto camera, wide-angle camera and an ultra-wide camera.


The Galaxy Fold is said to include 512GB storage. However, all these features will come at a cost, with the rumored price for the new device starting at $1,980. The price maybe be even higher for 5G features.


Though it was officially announced in February, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been rumored for years. Now that it is finally here, for many, the release cannot come soon enough. The official release will be April 26th in the United States, which will be when the phone will be available to order. It will likely start shipping the next week.

So, now that you have all the info, is the Samsung Galaxy Fold the right phone for you? Are you anxiously awaiting the release? We will find out more about the device in late April, but what we do know now is that this phone is groundbreaking for the phone industry.