The Best-Paying Blue-Collar jobs In 2021

The Best-Paying Blue-Collar jobs In 2021

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Jan 15th 2021

Most people think that in order to earn a good amount of money, you need a college degree. However, this is not always the case. Most blue-collar jobs require no college degree (or the staggering debt that a bachelor's degree often brings) and pay better than a few white-collar jobs.

Let’s look at some of the best-paying blue-collar jobs in 2021.

Best-Paying Blue-Collar jobs

Power plant operator, distributor, and dispatcher

National average salary: $39.92 per hour

These workers have the duty of controlling and maintaining the machines that are used to generate electricity at power stations. Using charts, meters, and gauges, they monitor the current and voltage of different electrical devices.

Most workers in this field hold a high school diploma or GED. This job might require a vocational school or college degree. Sometimes, the candidates are required to undergo hard technical instructions and on-the-job training.

Powerhouse, substation, and relay repairer

National average salary: $38.48 per hour

This blue-collar job requires workers to check, test, repair, or maintain electrical systems used in generating systems, in-service relays, and substations. They are also responsible for creating records of repair and maintenance. They may also need to work with other engineering team members to fix problems.

Workers who have taken courses in electronics and micro-controllers at a technical school or community colleges are preferred. Apart from the courses, employers may also require candidates to undergo training on specific electronic devices.

Elevator installer and repairer

National average salary: $38.36 per hour

These workers are responsible for several things related to elevator installation such as reading blueprints to find out the tools needed for the job and troubleshooting motors, switches, and other control mechanisms.

Most employers prefer a candidate who has completed an apprenticeship program from organizations such as the Association of Elevator Contractors. Most of these programs include training related to electronics, safety, and applied physics.

Gas plant operator

National average salary: $34.36 per hour

The primary duties of these blue-collar workers are to monitor the storage, production, and transport of different types of gas. They work on pipelines and compressors to maintain gases at optimum pressure and temperature levels.

Employers require candidates to have a high school diploma. As the job is dangerous, candidates are required to complete rigorous training programs and pass licensing exams.

Locomotive engineer

National average salary: $32.17 per hour

These workers have the duty of operating diesel as well as electric trains used for transporting passengers and cargo. They also work with other railroad workers to ensure that the train is always on time.

The first requirement is to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Most US states need the candidates to complete training approved by the Federal Railroad Administration before working as a locomotive engineer. In addition to that, they need to pass a hearing and vision test, a skill performance test, and a knowledge test.

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