The Best Ways to Carry Your Tools in 2022

The Best Ways to Carry Your Tools in 2022

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Jan 3rd 2022

Essential Work Gear For Construction Professionals

Throughout history, construction people made the unimaginable wonders like the Egyptian Pyramids and China's Great Wall possible. However, these workers went through rough phases while working on these projects because they had to rely on hand labor. But thanks to technology, today’s construction professionals have multiple tools at their disposal that accommodate their needs and speed up the projects they’re working. Here are a few of those tools:

Turtleback Magnetic Wristband Tool Holder Organizer

Tired of losing your tools, nuts, screws, bits, nails, drill bits, and other small parts? Well, you don't have to worry anymore because Turtleback Magnetic Tool Wristband is at your service. Great for both men and women, this work gear keeps small parts stuck to your wrist using its 10 heavy duty Neodymium rare earth magnets while you work. No matter if you like DIY projects or are a construction professional, it will make your life easier.

It has universal design features due to which it fits most people. Its adjustable straps measure 14.50 x 2.50 inches. The heavy duty nylon durable outer layer with soft felt interior and lightweight design make it a practical option for several projects. And last but not least, it’s made in USA!

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3-Pocket Nail Pouch

Take your tool holding game up a notch using our 3 Pocket leather nail pouch! This work gear comes with one large and two medium pockets that can hold nails and/or drywall screws. Lasting durability is achieved by using top grain cowhide leather which has been formed using high tensile metal rivets and double-stitched construction. This pouch will fit most utility belts up to 2.75" wide.

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Want it in 4 pockets? We have that too! Check it our here!

4 pockets are not enough? No trouble! Check this option with 5 pockets!

Top Grain 2" Wide Work Belt Double Buckle

Talking about belts, the above nail pouch (or any other good pouch for that matter) will need a good belt. Our work belt beats normal work belts because it offers high durability because of the top grain cowhide leather which is formed using double-stitched construction. This belt will be your next best friend at job because it securely holds tool pouches and accessories even when you’re working in difficult positions. 

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Knee Pad 3/4" With Memory Foam

While working on your knees, do they feel like they are going to explode? Then Turtleback Knee Pad is here to protect them. Whether you work on rough surfaces for a few minutes or a few hours, these comfortable and rugged Leather Knee Pads will take the stress off of your knees and cushion them.

These pads are fully adjustable using 1.5" nylon straps and are lined with 3/4" of memory foam for added comfort while on the job. And yes, they are comfortable to walk around in.

They are made with top grain cowhide leather for lasting durability so that you buy them once instead of buying cheap over and over again.

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Check this one as well if you want an option with Double Felt Pad and Neolite Sole!