The Best Way to Carry Two Phones - A Work and Personal phone

The Best Way to Carry Two Phones - A Work and Personal phone

Published by Maaz on Aug 8th 2022

What are the scenarios in which you’ll carry two phones? Well, for starters, your job may require that. Some employers want their employees to have a contact number that can be reached 24/7. In this case, you’ll carry two phones throughout your day.

Or maybe, you’re the employer yourself. In this case, you’ll have a work phone that you use for communication with your employees. But when you’re off work or just don’t want to be disturbed, you’ll turn this phone off and only have your personal phone on. But again, you’ll still carry both phones around.

There can be other scenarios as well. But whatever the case maybe, having two phones in your pocket will make it bulky and uncomfortable to walk around.

So instead of having bulky pockets all day round, the best way to carry two phones – a work and personal phone – is a dual phone holster. It lets you carry both phones with ease all day long. You can easily reach your phones if you want to make a call. And if you are a fan of fanny packs, it’ll be your style statement as well.

Here are the benefits and features of dual phone holsters by Turtleback.

Carry two phones in one holster with peace of mind

Our dual phone holster lets you carry two phones – a personal and a work phone – at the same time.

You’ll appreciate the size of the two phone holder because it fits both of your phones tightly. With two different phone slots or pouches, you don’t need to put your phone in your pockets anymore. And if someday, you don’t want to carry your second phone, you can use one slot for money, credit cards and IDs.

The holster is elegant as well, which means it’ll be a style statement for you. (All the fanny pack lovers will be throwing compliments at you.)

Our 2 cellphone holster for iPhone and Android holds your phones well without trying to jam them inside. The phones slide in and out easily. And as it features a magnetic flap, it makes less noise and is much easier to open. So if you’ve been issued a company phone and it’s been a pain to carry both your personal phone and theirs, this is the holster to buy.

Double decker: the two slot, ergonomic design

We use the word ergonomic very carefully: Our holster’s design is very thoughtful which earns it the word ergonomic.

Why? For starters, it’s so comfortable that it’s great to use in a sitting position. It’s easy to slide the phones in and out. It comes with a magnetic closure system that won’t let your phones come out unless you want them to. This system is also less noisy than many velcro systems that can be so annoying when you open and close them.

Our dual phone case for Samsung and iPhone holds on to your two phones tightly. But not too tight that the phone is jammed inside and becomes hard to pull out. The inside is made with soft materials so your phones stay protected from scratches.

And if you just want to carry one phone, you can always use the second pouch to carry your IDs, driving license, and credit cards.

This is just an overview of the ergonomic design. We’ll discuss some of the more prominent features below.

Unmatched protection

It’s a dual phone holster designed to carry your two phones. But at its core, it’s a holster! And holsters are designed to protect your phone!

(We thought it would be nice to talk about the actual purpose of a holster and don’t get carried away with all the awesome features of our pouch case for 2 phones.)

So basically, like other holsters, it gives full body cover protection: In other words, it’s designed to protect your phones at all costs. Put your phones in it, clip it onto your belt and do whatever you want to do because it’ll be there for your phone like a guardian angel.

Seriously, name anything. Scratches? No worries. Coffee spills? Try them. Annoying scratches and accidental falls? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a simple scratch that destroys the aesthetics of your phone or an accidental fall that may break your phone and make it useless, our Turtleback holster is there for its protection.

Magnetic closure system

More specifically, it comes with an easy-release rare-earth neodymium magnetic closure system. It’s one of those areas where our product stands out because this feature is not available in many of our cheap competitors.

You see, many competitor products for storing your phones are simply an open pouch – something your grandma would make for you when you were a kid. Those pouches are good if you want to have fun. But your phones can slip out of them at any time. So there’s not much safety there.

An alternative can be a holster with a velcro closure system. But it might be tough to open, and it sure is noisy!

If you’re looking for a serious product that would secure your phones in place, you want an expert-designed holster with a magnetic closure system. Our magnetic dual phone case allows for quick, confident release and returns. We can go on and on about it. But the bottom line is: The magnetic closure is better on this case than any single phone holster you had in the past.

Different clip systems and holster types for your needs

Our dual phone case for 2 iPhones or Androids comes in different types for every person’s needs.

For example, the Nylon holster is most durable and best suited for work/outdoor activities. On the other hand, the leather holster is more dressy. Brown leather will match better with brown shoes and brown belts, which is great if you like a natural look.

On the other hand, Basketweave is best for particular police uniforms and for people who prefer a textured leather look.

Vertical holsters allow people to grab their phones from the sides and are good for people who prefer the ease of checking their phones often. Horizontal is better suited for people who strongly prefer not to obstruct their pockets.

So given that you won’t always be at work, you should get two holsters - one for work and one for dress.

Quality materials

Our whole business depends on the quality we offer to our customers, just like you. So all our holsters are made from good quality materials. Whether it’s nylon or leather, we use materials that are comfortable and soft and that give a smooth handle and good ventilation.

Made in America and guaranteed

One of the main reasons our holsters are elegant, perfectly stitched, and very useful to protect from accidental shocks is our unmatched American craftsmanship.

We don’t dropship junk from China. All our products are designed and manufactured in the USA. So you’ll enjoy the best America has to offer.

Plus, you get a 90-day, no-questions-asked guarantee and a limited 1-year warranty. So you don’t have to lose anything here.

If you still want to try a cheap holster, go ahead. But that holster may not last as long as you’d like and it won’t hold your expensive phones as securely.

Instead, if you want a quality holster that takes away the pain of carrying both your phones and fits them without trying to jam them inside, order a Turtleback dual holster now !

P.S. Given that you won’t always be at work, you should get two holsters - one for work and one for dress! So browse the category of our holsters and order the pair that suits your needs and style!