​The Best Case for the DuraForce Pro 2

​The Best Case for the DuraForce Pro 2

Published by Carly on Feb 1st 2019

You are probably here because you are trying to find the best case for your DuraForce Pro 2. Understandably, you want to carry your device with you on the go, have it close by, yet keep it secure and protected. You need a durable, reliable way to carry the DuraForce Pro 2 on your belt so that it will be easily accessible when it rings. Look no further. All of the details about the BEST case for the DuraForce Pro 2 are below!

A Case and a Holster

When you want to protect your phone, but also carry it close-by, you need a holster and case all in one. These DuraForce Pro 2 Holsters are custom made to protect your device as a premium case, yet can also be worn on your belt as a holster. We offer a selection of horizontal and vertical holster cases for the DuraForce Pro 2 constructed with premium quality nylon and leather. Also, every holster case comes with a heavy-duty belt clip as either a bare metal clip or a metal clip wrapped in leather. Each belt clip is rotatable and removable for the utmost convenience possible.

Premium Materials

Each and every one of our holsters is made with premium materials, because you and your device deserve the best. Our leather is bonded with polymers for the ultimate durability. Similarly, we use durable nylon that can hold up to the elements, which provides even stronger protection for your phone. Also, every holster features a premium, rare earth neodymium magnetic closure system.

Maximum Protection

When you invest in a new device, like the DuraForce Pro 2, you need peace of mind that it will be fully protected during your day-to-day life. Our holsters offer optimal protection for every aspect of the DuraForce Pro 2. The first line of defense is made possible due to the durability of our premium exterior holster materials. However, the interior of each holster is lined with soft felt, which protects your screen and adds another layer of protection against dirt, water and dust. You can rest assured that we have considered every aspect of the DuraForce Pro 2 when custom designing this holster for superior protection.


Besides protection, one of the most important aspects to consider when shopping for a holster is accessibility. What is the point of having your device in a holster if you cannot easily access it? The ergonomic design of the DuraForce Pro 2 holsters not only makes for the perfect fit, but also allows for accessibility. Our magnetic secure closure design means that you will always be able to access your phone, ready to use and easy to grab it with one hand. Also, each holster features specially designed cut outs, which allows for the phone to be pulled out of the holster even smoother.

Turtleback Guarantee

We are American manufacturers, which means that all of our products are produced in the USA. We proudly stand behind our products because they are made from quality materials and built with reliability in mind. Because we believe in our products, we are happy offer you a 100% satisfaction 30-day guarantee on any purchase.

You need a functional, reliable holster case for your DuraForce Pro 2, so Click here to check out our full selection of holsters for the DuraForce Pro 2.