​The Best Apps for Business in 2018

​The Best Apps for Business in 2018

Published by Carly on Aug 6th 2018

You already use your smartphone for everything else in life; why not use it for business? There are numerous apps that can simplify and streamline your business life, no matter what industry you are in. Here are our top business apps for your smartphone in 2018!


Are you tired of keeping track of those pesky receipts? Expense tracking does not have to be complicated. Expensify is an expense tracking software with a mobile app that allows you to keep track of expenses on the go. If you’re a bookkeeper or accountant, this software allows you to work directly with the rest of the office to keep their expenses tracked. One of the best features of this app is receipt scanning which allows the app to automatically complete expense reports for you. Expensify is available on iOS and Android, pricing starts at $5 per user.


Keeping track of time spent working, particularly as a freelancer or contractor, can be easy to forget. However, there is a mobile solution to make the time tracking, and reporting, a breeze. By the accounting software giant, QuickBooks, TSheets allows you to clock in or out from your smartphone. Similarly, if you collaborate with a team through TSheets you can upload employee schedules and keep track of where your team is at through GPS tracking. As you would expect, TSheets integrates with many softwares including QuickBooks for a streamlined payroll process. TSheets is available on iOS and android; the software is free for an individual users. In a business with anywhere from 2-99 employees, there is a $16 per month base fee, then the software will be $4 per user, per month.


If you have always wanted to be the “big brother” watching type boss, there is an app for that. ActivTrak is an employee monitoring software that measures productivity based on computer usage. Through this software, you install an invisible agent software to each computer that you want to track. Then, you will start receiving reports and screenshots of your employee’s activities directly to your phone through the mobile app. ActivTrak is available for iOS and Android, it is free for the first three workstations you are tracking.


There are all kinds of software types available for team communication and collaboration, but Trello is one of the best. Trello utilizes an incredibly visual approach to creating a collaborative environment among teams online. Similarly, the mobile app allows you to keep collaborating on the go. Trello is centered on boards, cards, and comments, which allows your team to work on projects all together, no matter where they are. Trello is available for iOS and Android, and it is free to start, with the next step in pricing being Business Class, which is $9.99 per user per moth


If you are looking for a way to manage projects and tasks among your team on your computer, table, or phone, there a solution for you. Asana is a top of the line task management software that streamlines team workflows and puts productivity as a top priority. This software allows you to create overall projects, tasks and subtasks, assign team members to those tasks, set deadlines, and collaborate – and all of this can be done from your mobile device. Asana is available on iOS and Android. The basic version of Asana is free for up 15 team members, if you want some additional premium features, or have over 15 team members, the price starts at $9.99 per user per month.


“Where work happens” is the slogan of Slack, a team communication software which allows your team to have every type of discussion all within one app. Organized by channels, chats, voice, and video calls are all available to use within Slack. One of the many benefits of communicating through Slack is that all conversations are searchable – no more trying to remember what “they” said about “that”, you can find it in one click. Similarly, instead of traditional email for communication, you can organize conversations based on the project or task you are discussing, so every conversation is easily recovered. The best part is that while Slack is available on your computer, your team can keep talking on the go from the Slack app, available for iOS and Android. Slack offers free unlimited usage for small teams. The standard pricing for Slack is $6.67 per user per month.

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