The 5 Best Ways To Carry Your Phone While Running

The 5 Best Ways To Carry Your Phone While Running

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Jun 9th 2021

People carry their phones while running for several reasons. Some people like to listen to music, calculate their pace, or track their route. While some others bring their phone on a run for more important reasons, like receiving high-priority calls or contacting concerned authorities if there’s an emergency.

This is especially important for women. According to the magazine Runner's World’s survey, 43% of women experienced harassment while running. So bringing your phone on a run is necessary.

Let’s explore 5 easy and comfortable ways to carry a phone while running.

Ways To Carry Your Phone While Running

Carrying your phone in your hand while running is a bit of a hassle. If you are not feeling free on the track, there’s no point in running. Thankfully, the following options are lightweight and do not contain much space so that you can enjoy your run:


Armbands are a popular choice for runners. Putting the armband around your upper arm and then attaching your phone to it is easy. It has many other advantages. For example, it lets you take a glance at your screen without bringing the phone out.

Make sure that the armband you get fits snugly around your bicep. If the armband is loose, your phone can drop.

Not all armbands support different phone models. So look for a model that fits your phone.

It has a couple of disadvantages as well. First, it’s not made for bad weather. For example, if there’s rain outside, you’ll have to cover your phone with a plastic bag.

If you wear a T-shirt or a tank top while running, armbands are a great choice. However, they can be annoying over jackets or sweatshirts.

Your phone can also bounce and chafe if the armband is not a good fit. You can also get tan lines from these bands. So even though it’s famous, it’s not a practical option for everyone.

Wrist Wallet

This is an alternative to the armband. Instead of your upper bicep, it rests on your wrist.

Putting your phone in the wallet is easy as well. The wallet has a pouch in it. Just zip your phone into this pouch and put it on your arm to carry your phone.

Try to look for a wallet that’s lightweight. Look for materials like a cotton blend. This way, you won’t feel much weight on your arm as you run. A wrist wallet is a great option for people who feel that armbands weigh down their arms.

Some wrist wallets can also protect your phone in bad weather.

Sports Bra

The sports bra is a good option for women. If you carry your phone in a sports bra, your hands will be free as you run.

Specifically, look for a sports bra with a pocket. This pocket ensures that your phone doesn’t fall out.

Most of the time, these pockets are on the backside. For some women, this makes it difficult to reach for the phone.

Your phone can also get sweaty. Finding a good regular sports bra is hard which means that finding a good sports bra with a back pocket will be time-consuming.

Running Belt

This is another popular option for carrying your phone while running. You can put your phone in them easily. Plus, there’s some space for your wallet and keys as well.

These belts are designed for runners which means that they don’t bounce up and down while running. They are also lightweight. Once you get used to them, they can become your favorite running accessory.

The problem is with their size. If you get a small belt, it can compress your breathing. If the size is too big, it could fall off. So choosing the right belt for yourself is hard.


This is an excellent way to carry your phone and keys while running. Other accessories covered in this blog post can work too, but they all have some flaws. For example:

  • Armband can weigh your arm down. It’s also a bad choice for running during bad weather.
  • A wrist Wallet is still not a feasible option for people who don’t like to feel their arm weighed down.
  • The normal sports bra is not made for carrying your phone. A sports bra with a back pocket can do the job, but it’s hard to reach for your phone in it.
  • Running belts are a famous option, but finding your perfect size in them is difficult.

That leads us to the most practical option for carrying your phone while running: a holster.

Your hands will be free, so you can enjoy your run. Not only will you be able to carry your phone, but it will also hold your keys and other important items. You can put your wallet in there because you might need it along the way.

It also ensures your phone’s safety. While other items on the list might not protect your phone, holsters are designed with rugged materials to ensure your phone’s safety. Even if you drop your phone, it will be safe inside the holster.

You can use it even when you are not running. For example, while running errands, you can put on a holster and look stylish. If you are a Blue-Collar worker, you know how important it is to have your phone on you all the time.

You’ll need a way to carry your phone when you are not running, right? So why go for something that you can’t wear regularly, like an armband. Go for a holster that will carry your phone perfectly when you are running and even when you are dealing with other things in your life.

Carry Your Phone With Style While Running

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You also have the option to use the wallet holster, which gives you a place to have your id and cards. It also lets you attach your keys while running.

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