Super Strong Magnetic Screw Holder Wristband Now Available

Super Strong Magnetic Screw Holder Wristband Now Available

Published by Cynthia Marshall on Aug 24th 2021

Imagine: you've just moved your family into a new home and boxes are littered throughout your living room ready to be emptied. Because you're smart, you included the many framed pictures of your family and friends inside the same box as the tools necessary to start stitching together your new walls with memories. You start to remove frame after frame from the box and eventually find your hammer, your nails, and your trusted Turtleback Magnetic Wristband Tool. 

Now, you can rest assured that you will have your favorite pictures up throughout your home's walls in no time and with no fuss. Simply let the heavy-duty Magnetic Wristband hold your nails as you go. You could easily put up to 20+ different sized nails on your wristband and be assured that not one will go missing. You now have the convenient ability to put your focus and time into your new home design strategy. 

The Magnetic Wristband Tool is beneficial to almost any home improvement or DIY project. It's also the perfect tool to have as a mechanic who fiddles with screws, nuts, and bolts in their day to day. It's essential when building new furniture because the Magnetic Wristband is the perfect way to make sure that no metal piece goes missing before or during assembly. 

There are many ways to use the Magnetic Wristband Tool to make your life easier. Don't waste time by going on google and asking how to make your own Magnetic Wristband Tool when Turtleback has a cost effective, long-lasting solution for you right here