Reasons to Outfit Your Employees with Magnetic Wristbands

Reasons to Outfit Your Employees with Magnetic Wristbands

Published by Maaz at Turtleback on Jan 28th 2022

Imagine this: You’re working on a project. Everything is going smooth. It feels like the perfect workday!

But suddenly, you forget where you kept all your screws! Does that give you a headache? Of course, it does! It can even drive you up the wall sometimes! And not to mention, the time it wastes!

The same goes for your employees. They also get frustrated when they can’t find small items while working. Plus, their productivity means your productivity. So if they are wasting time, it hurts your company as a result.

Enter Turtleback Magnetic Wristband Tool Holder: the super tool you didn’t know you needed until today because in this blog post, we’re going over 5 reasons this is a must-have item in your employees’ arsenal!

Get The Job Done, Faster and Without Frustration!

While working on a project, the chances of losing nuts, screws, washers, drill bits, and other small parts are high. Like I discussed above, it can frustrate you, and it sure wastes a lot of time.

Instead, if you keep small items on your wristband tool holder, you’d know where to find them. That will help in a smooth workflow for your team!

Some people have a habit of putting screws in their mouths while working. That’s bad for two reasons. 1) It can disturb your focus. 2) If you accidentally swallow the screws, imagine the hassle it would be to find the new ones!

Instead, invest in this wristband that helps in getting the job done smoothly every day!

It Works Where You Work!

Do you manage a team of electricians or mechanics? Or does your team work on DIY projects? Either way, this tool will work for you. Here are a few situations it will help you out in:

Assume you’re working on a car and need a place to put the bolts. The wristband will be a place to keep them in this case.

Can’t find somewhere to place small items while repairing ceiling fans or recessed lighting? Just put them on the wristband, and you’ll never lose them.

Do you repair electronic appliances or any other type of HVAC system for a living? This wristband will help you every single day!

It Features 10 Powerful Magnets

Its ten heavy-duty rare earth magnets ensure that all your small stuff is always on your wrist. No matter if you’re a professional or a DIYer, you must have felt the need to keep all your tools and other small parts nearby. The powerful magnets embedded on our wristband keep your tools, nuts, screws, bits, nails, and drill bits closer to you.

It Has A Universal Design

The universal design fits almost everyone. It has adjustable straps with a dimension of 14.50 x 2.50 inches. So even if you have a bigger or smaller than average wrist, adjust the strap to your comfort. The design works great for both men and women.

The wristband tool holder is lightweight. Its nylon outer layer has a soft felt interior which makes sure the wearer has maximum comfort.

It’s Made In America

Last but definitely not least, it’s made in America! We pride ourselves in making all of our products in the USA since 2001. We use high-quality materials that ensure practicality, comfort, and durability. So expect a peace-of-mind experience when you buy this tool for yourself and your employees!

Get yourself and your team a third helping hand at work!