Our Most Durable Holster Case Yet

Our Most Durable Holster Case Yet

Published by Carly on Sep 3rd 2019

The Sonim XP8 is one of the most rugged, reliable smartphones available today. It is ideal for those facing extreme situations day-to-day since reliable communication is key. Well, a rugged device needs rugged protection, which is why we have designed and manufactured our most durable holster case, yet. The Balastec Virtually Unbreakable Plastic Holster Case for the Sonim XP8 is the first holster using this ground break technology. We created this holster case with Firefighters, EMTs, Police Officers and other first responders in mind with the goal of creating the toughest most ergonomic cases possible. Below are just a few of our favorite features of our most durable holster case, yet!

Virtually Unbreakable Plastic

When we say that this new holster is virtually unbreakable, we mean it. This patented holster case is made of Balastec plastic, which can hold up in even the most extreme of situations. We even tested this by running the holster case over with a car!

Security and Ergonomics

When designing holsters and cases, the customer is at the top of our mind in everything that we do. For this reason, ergonomics is incredibly important to us because we want to make sure that each holster case is as easy to use as possible for you. We spent hours designing the ergonomic aspects of our newest holster case. All buttons and ports on the Sonim XP8 are easily accessible at any time while the holster is in use. Similarly, it is simple to utilize accessories with the Sonim XP8 because the ports are so easily accessible. Also, there is tab that allows for installation and removal of the device from the holster case with only one hand. All the while, the Sonim XP8 is held securely inside the snug fit of this holster case so you can rest easy knowing it is protected at all times, no matter what elements you encounter.

Custom Fit

Our new virtually unbreakable holster case was designed and manufactured in the US to provide a custom fit for the Sonim XP8. This means that the holster case will hold your device tight and secure, providing the maximum amount of protection available. With a custom design, you never have to worry if your phone will fit.

Clip Options

As you go throughout your day, you need reliable communication and you need it to be within reach. This is where the holster clips come in. Our new holster case can be clipped on to your belt through a 3-lock removable swivel belt clip. We have several additional options available for belt clips so that you can customize based on your specific needs.

The Balastec Virtually Unbreakable Plastic Holster Case is truly our most durable case, yet! We are proud to offer this custom designed holster case for the Sonim XP8. We stand by this holster case, which is why we are offering a three-year full warranty with every purchase. We believe that you will see what we have experienced ourselves – this new holster case can hold up to just about anything!