Limited Edition Camouflage Holsters

Limited Edition Camouflage Holsters

Published by Cynthia on Jan 19th 2022

For a limited time, get your nylon holster in camouflaged canvas. This style choice is a fashion favorite amongst agriculturists, hunters, adventurers, and more. 

The patterns and hues of our Limited Edition Camo holsters reflect that of the outdoors; the light and dark brownish greys of dirt and rock and the green tones of leafy forests. While military personnel uses camo pattern to blend into their surroundings, it turns out that a bit of camo detailing can upgrade an otherwise plain outfit. Whether or not you have any functional reason to wear camo patterns does not change the fact that our beautifully constructed cellphone holsters are only made better with this new style option. 

How can you get it? Much like our tactical basketweave and our brown leather option, you can now add the custom camo material to your cart along with your nylon holster. Once you know what is the perfect size holster, find the product listing and click on the bottom right-hand corner option for Camo. As seen in the picture below, the option for Limited Camo Canvas Material will present itself under the Add To Cart button on each holster listing.

Start by finding your perfect fitment. You can do that by using our advanced search tool. You can also let us do the research work for you- all we need is for you to fill out 4 questions in our holster quiz