​iPhone X: Everything You Need to Know

​iPhone X: Everything You Need to Know

Published by Carly on Sep 18th 2017

“One more thing…” is what Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the recent press conference when following up the iPhone 8 unveiling with the announcement of the iPhone X. Pronounced “ten”, this anniversary edition device is said by Apple to be “so immersive the device disappears into the experience”. Needless to say, the iPhone X is changing things in the realm of iPhones. We’ve got everything you need to know about this brand new device right here.


As the most expensive iPhone to date, the iPhone X starts at $999 for 64GB of storage. The only other option for this device is 256 GB for $1,149. While it will certainly cost a pretty penny, we think many people will take the plunge. Each storage option is available in either silver or space grey finish.


While the official release date for the iPhone X is November 3rd, pre-orders start on October 27th. If you’re even remotely considering grabbing an iPhone X, you should jump on the pre-order immediately, as some speculate that it will be difficult to get your hands on the new iPhone before 2018.


“The device is the display”, according to Apple, this display is certainly the greatest asset of the iPhone X. At 5.8-inches, the “Super Retina display” (a term coined by Apple), features a 2,436 x 1,135-pixel resolution and is essentially bezel-less. This OLED display sets the iPhone X apart from any other iPhones with an entirely different look. Specifically, Apple has ditched the home button, which means that the display goes all the way down the front of the device. Apple claims that these distinct display upgrades will bring more accurate, vivid colors to the entire user experience.

Face ID

Since the home button is gone, how do you unlock your iPhone? While Touch ID was revolutionary for it’s time, Apple claims that the new key to iPhone safety and security is Face ID. When you are ready to unlock your device, you simply hold it up, look at it, and swipe to unlock. While it seems like there would be many simple ways to “hack” a facial identification system, Apple claims that their Face ID software is sophisticated enough to know your face, and continue to get to know your face better, over time. The TrueDepth camera technology projects 30,000 dots onto your face in order to analyze every facet of your profile. Also, just like Touch ID, Face ID can be used with Apple Pay.

Using the Face ID technology, Apple has created a fun addition to the iPhone called “Animojis”. This means that you can capture your exact expression and portray them into emoji form, which will definitely be an entertaining feature to play around with.


There were several camera upgrades introduced with the iPhone X, for the front facing and rear cameras. The front-facing 7-megapixel camera now features a portrait mode, which allows you to customize portrait lighting. The front facing camera uses the TrueDepth technology utilized for the Face ID function in order to highlight the identified subject with appropriate lighting for studio quality images. The dual 12-megapixel rear cameras are interestingly bolted vertically on the back of the device (rather than horizontally as with previous iPhones). These rear cameras feature a telephoto lens, optical image stabilization, and a faster 12-megapixel sensor than in previous iPhones. The rear-facing cameras also feature the portrait lighting function with options like stage, natural, or studio lighting effects.

Wireless Charging

Lastly, but certainly not least, comes the introduction of wireless charging for the iPhone X (and iPhone 8). While the Apple AirPower Mat is still in the works and will not be released until 2018, it will allow you to place up to three compatible Apple devices on the mat at one time for wireless charging. Yet, until 2018, the iPhone X is compatible with Qi wireless chargers, as well as two devices optimized for iPhone X wireless charging created by Belkin and Mophie, both available for $59.95 from Apple. No worries, if wireless charging doesn’t float your boat, traditional charging is still functionable with the iPhone X.

Does the iPhone X get you excited? Or is the iPhone 8 enough to get you to place a pre-order? Either way, do not forget to grab a premium holster case to protect your newest investment. Check out our full selection of iPhone holster cases here