iPhone 7: All the Details

iPhone 7: All the Details

Published by Carly on Aug 25th 2016

iPhone 7: All the Details

The iPhone 7 is close to making its much anticipate arrival on the market next month. As we wait to find out what the newest iPhone will look like, there is a long list of rumored details floating around about the iPhone 7. While some leaks are simply rumors, others come from credible sources. Either way, we’ve compiled what we can expect from the iPhone 7.

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  1. Waterproof: Rumors that the iPhone 7 will have waterproof or water resistant features originated from beta testers of Apple’s iOS 10 . These testers leaked information that the newest iOS features a liquid detection and alert system. Similarly, Patently Apple report that a new patent by Apple entails an underwater photo system for mobile devices. Both of these finds together tell us that we might be able to anticipate a waterproof device in the newest iPhone.
  2. Missing Headphone Jack: Apple is rumored to be removing the headphone jack from the newest iPhone. Removing the headphone jack is an added nod toward a waterproof device, as mentioned above. In place of a headphone jack, comes the possibility of a lightning connector , which would double time as a charger and headphone plug. A recently leaked video of the rumored iPhone 7 lightning ear buds has the buzz of a missing headphone jack escalating.
  3. Pressure Sensitive Screen: Instead of a home button, it is rumored that the iPhone 7 will have a pressure sensitive, touch surface screen. Simplicity is a trademark of Apple and it seems only right for the company to slowly remove all buttons and ports on it’s mobile devices. Supposedly, the pressure sensitive screen would utilize similar technology to the MacBook track pads.
  4. Dual Lense Camera: Bloomberg reports claims of iPhone 7 prototypes featuring dual lense cameras, with each lens capturing photos simultaneously. The dual camera lenses would work together to create sharper, brighter photos than with previous iPhones.
  5. Faster Processor: Leaked photos show an A10 processor to be used by the iPhone 7, according to BGR . Ultimately, this entails a faster processor than in previous iPhones and an overall speedier phone.
  6. Storage: Apple might be ditching the standard 16GB phone , in attempt to compete with other major mobile devices on the market, such as Android devices. This would mean that the iPhone 7 line would start with 32GB of storage.
  7. iOS10: The newest operating system, iOS10, has already been previewed by Apple, and will be included out of the box with the iPhone 7. iOS10 will feature a new Siri that will integrate with third parties, a revamped Photos app, and an update to the iMessage with new application integration.

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Despite the list of features anticipated to be included in the iPhone 7, rumors of the new design show similarities with previous iPhone models. Some even say that it will be virtually identical to the iPhone 6. Tech Radar claims that the iPhone 7 design will be like an iPhone 6 SE in disguise.

Release Date

Apple has scheduled an event for Wednesday, September 7th, according to Bloomberg, which is rumored to be the iPhone 7 official announcement date. Still, Evan Blass of Venture Beats claims that the official iPhone 7 launch date will be closer to Friday, September 16th. However, some say that the release to carriers could be pushed as late as September 23 rd.


What will jumping on the iPhone 7 bandwagon cost you? Well, no one knows the exact cost, for sure. Yet, based on the cost of previous iPhones, along with leaks, rumors are putting the iPhone 7 cost starting at around $700 USD .

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