​iOS 11 Tips and Tricks

​iOS 11 Tips and Tricks

Published by Carly on Jul 10th 2017

iOS 11 is here, announced at WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference, on June 5th. The official release is coming this fall, but for now, a beta version is available to the public, so here are the tips and tricks that you need to know.

Not for Your Main Device

According to CNET, iOS 11 is not a good idea for your main device. Well, it would work on your main device, but since the software is simply in the beta stage, it could seriously mess up your life if you install it on your main device, due to the bugs still being worked out. Stick to installing it on a secondary device and waiting until the true release to play with it on your main phone.

Do Not Disturb

Through the newest version of iOS, you can be safer than ever in your vehicle. The new “Do Not Disturb” function can detect when you are driving a car. If you have this function turned on, then text messages are held for delivery until the vehicle has stopped. Similarly, you can choose to send automated text messages to anyone who texts you while you are driving. The downside is this component of the software cannot actually detect if you are driving, it can simply detect that you are in a moving vehicle. Therefore, you have to respond manually to the Do Not Disturb function before you start driving.

Control Center

Claimed by BGR to be “…one of the most important changes coming to iOS this year”, the control center sees some drastic changes under iOS 11. Essentially, the control center is now fully customizable. You can add and remove toggles to the control center, even the previously forced factory Apple toggles, which can now be completely deleted. The control center is a fun component to fully customize as you’re getting to know iOS 11.


The notes app received several upgrades in the iOS 11 beta, including a built-in scanner, additional marking up tools, and some drag and drop features. Ultimately, Apple is making strides toward improving notes on the level of other word processing or editing apps.


Siri is constantly getting smarter and more helpful, as well. This beta update features a more intelligent Siri, with Apple implementing a wide range of language fluency, and therefore translations, into her repertoire. Siri is sounding more natural by using different tones for words, instead of the same robotic sounds. Also, and the biggest advantage by far, Siri is suppose to be learning all about you as you use her more, which will effect how she responds to your questions. All this is Apple’s attempt to compete with Google Assistant.


Have you ventured into the world of AirPods? Well, if you have, then you will appreciate the improvement made to the AirPods in the latest update. You can control the specific functions of commands for the AirPods in iOS 11. Instead of the factory settings, you are able to customize what happens when you tap each AirPod, which means it will be even easier to play, pause, skip a song, and more.

Screenshots and Recordings

It is now even enjoyable to take and send screenshots on your iPhone. The newest features for screenshots seem to rival those of a Snapchat type app, with instant options for editing, sending, or deleting available on your screen. While the newest screenshot features are enticing, an even newer addition to the iPhone is screen recording. You will now be able to record your iPhone screen, anywhere, any time. The option is available to record without or with sound, which allows for narrations of screen recordings. The possibilities are now almost endless when it comes to capturing your iPhone screen!

Save your Storage

It seems like Apple had your battery life and storage in mind when structuring iOS 11, which has several features that save space. For instance, the storage section of settings shows you which apps are zapping your storage hard and then allows you to ditch unwanted apps then and there. Photo and video storage takes up considerably less space (if you’re using the iPhone 7, at least), as files take up 50% less storage space than in previous operating systems, while maintaining the same image quality. When it comes to battery, while the beta version will zap your battery, the true iOS update coming in the fall might actually improve your battery life. Since you can now customize the Control Center, one of the customizable options includes adding a low power mode toggle, so you can easily save your battery anytime.

While you have to wait until this fall to truly enjoy iOS 11 on your phone, you can dive into the beta version now with these tips and tricks. Of course, another positive addition to be made to your iPhone is through our premium holster cases, available for any model of Apple devices!