​How to Protect Your iPhone X

​How to Protect Your iPhone X

Published by Carly on Nov 16th 2017

As the most expensive iPhone to date, starting at $999, the iPhone X is definitely too pricey not to protect. Can you imagine unboxing your newest phone, then to drop it on the sidewalk a few days later? Ouch. Not to mention, the iPhone X features an all glass back that makes it particularly vulnerable to cracks and breaking. Some are calling the iPhone X “the most fragile iPhone ever built”. In recent tests, the device broke in the first drop on a hard surface. The good news is that there are a few effective ways to protect your iPhone X from surrounding hazards.

  • 1.AppleCare+

Alright, before the good news there is more bad news. If you break the screen on your iPhone X and take it to Apple for repair, it will cost you $279. Even worse, any non-screen repairs will cost you upwards of $549, about half the cost of the original device. It makes sense that with the most expensive iPhone comes the most expensive iPhone repairs. However, there is a solution that lets you protect your fragile investment, AppleCare+. When you purchase the iPhone X it comes with 90 days of complimentary tech support and one year of hardware repair through the limited warranty. Yet, Apple offers AppleCare+ with the purchase of your new iPhone for $199. This is essentially accidental damage coverage that extends past the year offered through the limited warranty. If you need a screen repair and you own AppleCare+, it will only cost you a $29 service fee per repair. However, if you need any other part of your phone repaired due to damage, you will pay a $99 service fee. Add the service fee to the cost of AppleCare+ and you’ve still got a savings of about $250 over paying flat out for a repair to your iPhone X.

  • 2.Holster Case

Outside of insurance, how are you really going to protect your newest iPhone? For a device this expensive, it would be foolish not to protect it with a case. Yet, some cheap cases are poor quality and can even do more harm than good. When you have a premium smartphone, you need a premium case, as well. Turtleback offers a selection of holster cases for the iPhone X. From horizontal to vertical, and nylon to leather, we have the perfect holster case for your newest phone. Some of our favorites are the leather credit card belt clip holster, which is the ultimate in convenience as it combines a phone holster and wallet all in one, and the leather holster case with executive belt clip, which is lightweight, but also durable. Browse our selection of holster cases and find the perfect one (or two!) for your iPhone X. Also, when you place an order for delivery in domestic U.S. we will gift you with free shipping!