​How to Carry Your Ever Growing Phone

​How to Carry Your Ever Growing Phone

Published by Carly on Jun 19th 2017

With the release of recent “plus” sizedphones such as the iPhone 7 Plus, Pixel XL and Galaxy S8 Plus, smart phones are officially bigger than ever before. While these devices come as an advantage for those with particularly large hands, their increasing size makes carrying cell phones a struggle. Although phones are getting larger, pockets are most definitely not. So, how do we carry these ever growing phones?

In 2013, BGR released an article about living with phablets that tells a story of one writer’s journey using the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II. Both of these devices were revolutionary to the cell phone market, due to their size. While the term “phablet” is not quite as popular as it was in 2013, BGR could not have been more accurate than when predicting, “…the era of phablets is upon us.” The era of large phones was and, still is, most definitely upon us. Though a phablet is technically defined as a device with a display sized 5.5 inches or larger, the displays of popular devices are continuing to grow. The iPhone 7 Plus’s and the Pixel XL’s displays are just at 5.5 inches, yet the Samsung Galaxy S8’s measures in at 5.8 inches. Current trends tell us that mobile devices will only continue to get thinner and, yes, larger.

Chances are you do it, or in the very least, you’ve seen it done. A guy sits down for dinner and has to take his phone out of his pocket and lay it on the table. Of course, you can’t blame him, he’s got a phablet in his back pocket, which barely fits, and makes it impossible to sit down. Not to mention, with some pants, it is not even an option to carry your device in your pocket. Pockets were never meant to carry these giant devices of ours. As Digital Trends explains in their article about the best Phablets in 2017, “You’re going to need bigger pockets”. There really is no simpler way to explain it; it’s difficult to carry a phablet.

So, how can we carry these large devices with us every day? The simplest and safest solution for carrying your phablet is a holster case, which holds your device securely inside of a pouch directly attached to your belt.

There are many benefits to carrying your device in a holster case, with the most important being that your pockets are freed up. Also, when using a holster case, you can rest assured that your phone is safe and secure. No more putting your phone on the table, your phone can rest comfortably in your holster, on your belt, all day long. While phones are getting larger, they are also getting more expensive. Your smart phone is a small investment, which means you need to know that it is protected. You can have this assurance when using a phone holster.

Whether you’re carrying an iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S8 Plus, Pixel XL, or any other phablet of your choice, we have a selection of premium leather or nylon holster cases meant to care for your device.

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