​Galaxy S9: Release Date, Rumors, Price, and More

​Galaxy S9: Release Date, Rumors, Price, and More

Published by Carly on Jan 29th 2018

It’s official: Samsung is unveiling the Galaxy S9 on February 25 th. While we know this to be true, all other details surrounding the S9 are rumors. While we wait for the release, here are the top rumors you need to know.

Pre-Orders and Ship Date

We know that the Galaxy S9 will be launched on February 25 th, but when will we actually be able to hold the phone in our hands? Rumors are that it will be available for pre-orders starting March 1 st and ship around March 16 th.


Many are speculating that the S9 is going to have an overall similar build and body to the Galaxy S8, with some improvements. So, will the price be the same? Originally, many assumed that the S9 would be released at around the $700 price point, similar to the S8. However, most recent reports are that the S9 will retail at about $900.

Finger Print Scanner

While the screen on the S9 appears that it may be similar to that of the S8, there is a possibility of one particularly exciting upgrade. The S9 might feature a fingerprint scanner embedded under the screen’s glass , which would allow for virtual fingerprint scanning, without a home button. Some say this is too good to be true for the newest Samsung device , but we’ll keep our hopes up.

Coated Glass

In 2016, Samsung licensed a technology for a glass coating that would prevent fingerprints and repel water . This coating physically causes water to bounce off of glass. While this might be a long shot (many speculated in 2016 that it would take years before this technology would be ready for use in consumer products), it would definitely be a nice addition to prevent the usual smartphone screen smudge.


While the Galaxy S8 was known for having relatively minimum bezels, rumors are that the S9 could have even less . Similarly, the S8 had about an 84% screen-to-body ratio, while the S9 could have as high as a 90% screen-to-body ratio . It is sure to be an “all screen” device!

Headphone Jack

Do you miss headphone jacks? With the release of the latest smartphones, headphones jacks are becoming increasingly rare (the iPhone 7, 8, X and Pixel 2 are all jack-less). While wireless headphones are certainly appealing, not everyone is a fan of the missing headphone jack. If that is you, you’ll be happy to hear that the Galaxy S9 is likely going to include a headphone jack .


We’ve saved the best for last. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S9 is going to feature “The Camera. Reimagined”. This is the only official comment from Samsung regarding the upcoming release. This comments certainly appears as an attempt to edge out the Google Pixel 2 as competition. So, what exactly does this mean?

The most recent rumors for the S9 indicate that it will have two cameras on the back and only one camera on the front (unlike the iPhone X ) and a variable aperture. Some are speculating that the S9 could include the ability for HDR video capture, which would make it the first phone to be able to record in 4K .

Also, while we are close to certain that the S9 will include an improved iris scanner , it also might include 3D face ID technology , similar to that of the iPhone X.

If these rumors have gotten you even more interested in the Samsung Galaxy S9, you can check out leaked photos of the device, here.

No matter what the S9 ends up looking like, we will have the perfect holster case for the new device. Until then, check out these cases for your Samsung device!