Galaxy S8 Rumors

Galaxy S8 Rumors

Published by Carly on Feb 10th 2017

Since the Note 7 investigation is complete and we’re a year out since the Galaxy S7, it’s time for a new Samsung flagship device. Following all of the news surrounding Samsung the last few months, will you consider a Samsung-made device in the future? If you’ve lost the Samsun itch, these Galaxy S8 rumors might reconcile your broken relationship.

Rumored Features

  • Two Phones

Following trend with previous devices in the Galaxy line, it looks like there will be two phones to choose from in the S8 launch. One device will have a 5.8-inch screen and one will have a 6.2-inch screen, according to cnet. The big question is, what will the larger device be called? S8 Edge? S8 Plus?

  • Display

One of the most anticipated features of new mobile devices is their display, since in recent years, this has been a major area of innovation. It appears to be no different with the S8. Rumors are flying that the S8 will feature a curved display, similar to that of the S7 Edge. However, the newer component of this display comes from rumors that the device’s screen could take up about 85 – 95% of the face.

  • Home Button

The expansive screen design of the Galaxy S8 could be made possible through the elimination of a home button. However, leaks reveal that Samsung is likely planning to build pressure sensitive features into the display, which would allow for a “clickable” on screen home button.

  • Fingerprint Scanner

Alright, so if we’ve ditched the home button, what about a fingerprint scanner? Gossip is floating around that the S8 will feature an optical sensor, which would be placed under the glass display, for fingerprint scanning. If this were true, it would be the first of it’s kind for any Samsung device.

  • Cameras

Another highly anticipated component of many devices: the camera. First and foremost, leaks reveal that the Galaxy S8 will likely feature a front facing camera and two rear cameras, similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. The front facing camera is rumored to include auto-focus features. Though not a new concept for mobile devices, auto-focus is new to Samsung and will result in overall better quality front facing photos.

Most rumors are pretty inconclusive about specs on a rear dual-lens, but one thing is clear, it is going to be a very high quality camera.

  • Battery

Since battery safety was at the heart of all of Samsung’s most recent drama, this next piece of gossip is a relief. It appears that Samsung has switched battery manufacturing for the upcoming Galaxy S8 to a new supplier in Japan. This is probably their best idea, yet.

  • Headphone Jack

On the coattails of the iPhone 7, many are speculating about headphone jack changes in the Galaxy S8. At this time, the rumors are split. Despite Samsung’s praise of headphone jacks last year, some say that the Galaxy S8 will be missing a jack and will be going the wireless headphone route. However, on the opposite end, some rumors claim that the S8 will feature the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • Bixby

Recent leaks revealed a new addition to the artificial intelligence world and he might even be better than Siri and Google’s Assistant. Bixby (aka Bix) is the name of Samsung’s latest AI assistant trademark, which is presumably going to be featured in the S8. Bixby will supposedly be able to communicate in up to 8 different languages and will have his own button the S8. This could be the launch of Bixby as an intelligent software assistant for many future Samsung devices.

  • Iris Scanner

Many rumors are linking Bixby to an iris scanner in the Galaxy S8, which might allow for objects seen through the lenses to be searched for online. The iris scanner, which was featured in the Note 7, is expected to show up on the S8, with similar functionality for security purposes and beyond.

Launch, Release, & Price

  • Launch

When can you actually buy the Galaxy S8? While all reports claim the device will go on sale starting in April, some say the 14th, 18th, or 21st. So basically, no one really knows. However, you can rest assured, that it will likely be available in mid-late April.

  • Price

Come on, you’re thinking it, how much is this going to cost you? While some believe that the Galaxy S8 will be almost the same price as the S7, starting at about $650, others are expecting a price hike, putting the starting price at about $850.

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